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How to help the victims of the massacre in Denver

Candles and tickets for the massacre in Aurora, Colorado

Still suffering in Aurora - Colorado, USA - where crying for the death of 13 people tragically killed in the shootout at the cinema in Denver during the premiere of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises." Several Meanwhile, the humanitarian organizations that are stepping in to offer blood donations and support to all the families of those killed and injured who survived the massacre.

Ashley Moser - the 25 year old girl child's mother Veronica 6 year old who lost his life during the shooting and that she miscarried last week because of the shock over the death of his daughter - he discovered that will remain paralyzed , due to the injuries reported. The girl's family has, therefore, set up a fund to pay for medical expenses: Help Ash .

The Bonfils Blood Center in Denver, however, is desperate for donations after sending 342 units of blood to 5 local hospitals after the shooting, as reported to 'Huffington Post by Tiffany Anderson, director of marketing. In particular, the center requires blood donations 0 and negative to negative. For donations: Bonfils .

The Children's Hospital Colorado has treated victims of the shooting in Aurora 6 and stated that cover the medical costs for survivors uninsured and forfeit the payment of medical expenses by the surviving insured. For donations: Children's Colorado .

L 'Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance is working with the Aurora Police Department to coordinate donations for the victims. For donations: Giving First, or send a check to 90 Galapago Street, Denver CO, 80223.

L 'Aurora Mental Health Center offers advice for those who need it. For donations: AUMHC .

The American Red Cross has distributed food, water and psychological assistance to the Gateway High School, but at the moment, does not accept donations.

The Denver Center for Victims of Crime provides bilingual counseling to the victims and families affected by the tragedy. The organization provides financial aid, support groups and more. For more information: Denver Victims .

Those interested, can help these non-profit organizations in the rescue operations, making its contribution to the New Venture Fund, which will distribute donations to charities, churches and hospitals that deal with the families of those killed and injured. In some cases, the donations will go directly to families. For more information you can go to the website Crowd Rise .

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