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Home after school, fourth grade Kaikai himself opened the lamp , 0800 -003-123, has been to dial the phone, I heard: "Hello, hello, here is Oh Hey Yeah kids phone, I was on the 5th Hello values Japanese students. proctor speaking children do you want? "proctor cordial greeting and response carefully, to build relationships with the children, Kaikai day life to find a listening object! Seemingly innocent children, have their world of sweet and sour bitter, when the adults around busy working, the wish child wants to be heard, you need to express emotions, proctor heard ... proctor concern and recommendations also in the child's heart warm germination ......


April 2002, the Child Welfare League into the beginning of the second decade, we hope to allow more children to feel happy and care, to accompany their children grow up healthier. We know that kids want to be understood, to be listened to, so children opened the first branch nationwide alliance of children hotline services. This is exclusively children telephone counseling service, accompany children to think in life size troubles, listen to the child's story, from the child's point of view to understand their needs and life issues. Since its inception "Oh Hey Yeah" Child Line service, has provided more than 20, 000 children in Taiwan region through effective consultation telephone service volume.

What is Oh Hey Yeah Child Line service?

"Oh Hey Yeah" Dedicated by the children Children Alliance and training volunteers as a social worker wiring proctor, listen to the voice of the child calls, to help children express their emotions, to clarify the problems and deal with life in a wide variety of size of the problem, is the exclusive children's problem-solving complex disease Tel. Opening hours Monday to Friday every four line phones; every period of at least three volunteers to provide cable service; supervision by a social worker at the date of wiring conditions.

Oh Hey Yeah what are the characteristics of children line services?

  • Children's emotional talk pipeline, to assist its express stress, access to psychological support.
  • Provide timely guidance to help resolve difficulties faced by children and, when necessary, appropriate referrals and provide follow-up services.
  • By wiring proctor for the training of volunteer services to help enhance the knowledge and skills to provide children a better quality of professional assistance.

Service object

Taiwan (including the islands) Children under 12 years

Service Hours

Half past four pm Monday through Friday to seven thirty

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Case story

Mimi was too happy bee Elementary four years two classes of students, two grade next semester before transferring to this class, students are lonely. Mimi looks cute, talking very loudly, but also knew the hands and feet, sometimes because there is no bathing, getting dressed him Smelly. Exclusion with her classmates, and she was not willing to play, talk, will say: "Oh aliens come we quickly ran Oh!", "Teacher, quickly called garbage garbage pig away handlebar bird friends! . " The scope of activities required her classmates, she was not allowed stepped around them. America OK alone, crying ask the teacher how to do, but then the teacher students crowding helpless.


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