Family Counseling Center of Mobile

Assume responsibility: employee renovate daycare

E-plus employees make children happy

The " integrative family day care center John " from Dusseldorf wanted urgent help with the renovation of their game site.Therefore,the last Thursday stood at the Düsseldorf process management department of the E-Plus Group devoted to the volunteer work.Clean and paint exterior walls,carry rocks - but also replace the gravel the water / mud to sand-gravel plant to protect the feet of the children.Nearly 15 people have rolled up their sleeves and put a team in their annual event for the children of the institution.

Take responsibility and strengthen the team spirit

"We are delighted with the strong support of E-Plus,because sometimes it's the seemingly little things that require a long time to implementation.Often,it also lacked the financial means or there were other priorities.For the reason,we are particularly glad that was handled so quickly and extensively.In all areas there is a lot to do,"said Cornelia Richter,Director of integrative care center.

Nicole also Hasenstab,Head of Process Management at E-Plus is delighted with the successful cooperation: "We are delighted that we can help the children with a beautiful outdoor area,so that they experience more fun.At the same time the action will strengthen the team spirit of the department.Acceptance of responsibility and team work belongs to our company to the office everyday.Social projects with the team spirit is built but in a new way on.The employees have a special experience,a good deed done - where it is most needed in the immediate vicinity.The obtained good feeling to wear them with their jobs. "

The family day care center is located in Pope John sponsorship of the "Association Flingern mobile eV" and is in the north of Düsseldorf,the focus institution of the Catholic family centers.In their work,the whole family of a child is taken into account.Many benefits for both parents and children are enabled by day care,family counseling and family education.


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