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Hong Kong Christian Service Nilv peer counseling services

By the Subsidize

Hong Kong Christian Service to get "warm beloved BOC Hong Kong Scheme" funded, set up a "Nilv peer counseling services, " Adversity is troubled by the people of Hong Kong to provide professional support and preventive counseling and education services.

Counseling services do you need?

If you or a family member listed below appear in any one situation, but also affect the personal lives of couples get along, or parent-child relationship, they need to seek professional counseling to help you through the difficult time.

  1. I often regret the decision for me.
  2. I think it is very difficult to get along with their families, they do not understand me.
  3. Everything that I do is always wrong, no confidence to cope with difficulties in life.
  4. I lose interest in social activities, fear of talking with others work, life and other things.
  5. Keep my mind and thoughts, worry a lot of things, I'm tired!
  6. I think the heavy workload, pressure, unable to share their feelings.
  7. I'm busy with their spouses, no time to communicate, I feel very strange ...
Service objectives

Programs to provide professional and thorough personal and family counseling, group and courses focusing on strengthening the resilience of clients to help them re-adjust the lifestyle, the positive potential crisis into an opportunity to grow.

Service object

Regardless of the area affected by downturn in Hong Kong troubled individuals and families.

  1. Case consultation and counseling services ~
  2. Is disturbed and their families seeking assistance to provide counseling services to ease their anxiety, frustration, depression and other negative emotions, relieve strained family relationships, and find positive ways to deal with.

  3. Groups and Course ~
  4. Enhance their resilience and enhance life skills to cope with difficulties.

  • Counseling services: Free
  • Groups / courses: Pay by individual activities
Application Procedures

Needy can call the service when the social worker to check and registration; This service also welcome referrals from other agencies.

Out of service

If agreed casework counseling program has been completed, or social worker has made appropriate referral arrangements, service will be terminated; messenger services social worker may terminate the service responsible.

Enquiries and Contact Us

Welcome Monday to Friday, call to the service query.

Phone: +852 27316251 / +852 27316330 Fax: +852 27243655 Address: Granville Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 5th Floor, No. 33 E-mail:


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