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Maternity leave in the vision of a family therapist
Student Poster Winners at the IAMFT Spring Conference 2013

[Suely Abujadi Puppi]

Serena and balanced, a family therapist Suely Abujadi Puppi usually a good ear for mothers in early career. Say newly mothers, be they young or late mothers. Most, as one would expect, has studied, invested in structured career and marriage, before taking the decisive step of motherhood.

What caring mothers of today?
Beyond the wear of breastfeeding and little sleep, the mother during leave often worry whether it will be able to continue working and will realize how to divide their time between the baby and career.

How family therapy can help?
Family therapy works by taking the blame, collection, judgment and criticism. Help solve problems more smoothly. She walks towards the mother leaving less anxious and more calm. Ideally, the mother sought therapy before having the baby, because the concerns still get pregnancy. Also the father may feel pregnant and you can wrap it before the baby is born. Thus, it creates a bond earlier and the father has learned to assist the mother leave and safer.

What usually happens during maternity leave?
First the mother needs to recover from the birth and initiating breastfeeding, then it is important to plan and count on a same physical assistance (nurse, sister, mother, maid of confidence, babysitter). If you are well prepared will enjoy better care of the baby and then slowly open space need to take care of themselves. Have both mother who clings to care for the baby who forgets himself, the house of her husband. Need help mainly from the husband to return to the real world and not think that going forward will only mother 24 hours and will never leave the side of the baby.

Are you in favor of maternity leave of six months?
Many mothers have stretch your time off with vacation and leave-breastfeeding. I think the important range of six months because, in medical terms, is called for six months of exclusive breastfeeding. From the point of view of the mother, I think she's back to work safer, because the child already spaced periods of feeding and now eats little soup at six months.

Do you have any message for mothers?
I know many mothers get a few months off and other even able to breastfeed, because of various problems. It is important to say that although breast milk is ideal and give that warmth of mother, the baby is also created with wet nurse or bottle. The mother does not need to torture yourself and think you're missing things, because a mother's love overcomes all difficulties.


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