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Working at Action Sport Physio - Montreal West thesis past four years has-been a fulfilling journey in many ways. For me, the Most Important thing is knowing, when i walk through Those doors, that 'there are people I look forward to seeing every opportunity I get. It is truly my definition of a team environment. Not only do we help each other 'in Improve knowledge, we support each other' in our personal growth. I have beens Given the opportunity to discover my potential as a therapist, counselor, business woman, co-worker and overall health adviser through the platform That Provides Action Sport. That the customers faithfully seek our expertise give me the drive and determination to always go further in discovering my own potential in order for me to bring 'em to a higher place in Their potential. I can not think of a more satisfying way to Spend my time doing what I love and am passionate about. As EACH season passes every year, I reassess my goals and needs as a consultant. The people, the growth, the intent, the team atmosphere, the media and the opportunity Continually bring me back through the doors of Action Sports with joy, pleasure and happiness in my choice.

Employee: Katherine McIntyre
Position: Exercise Specialist
Clinic: Montreal West

Action Sport Montreal West Is Where it all began ... 6 years ago! As my first use, this job has-been everything I ever wanted in a workplace. Ronny HAS created an amazing environment All which Stimulates learning and enjoyment. I Have had the opportunity to grow as a physiotherapist and as a VPO at Mo-West. Being one of the first employed I Had the opportunity to see our team build and change over time. There Have Been obstacles along the way we aim Have always-been lucky enough to have amazing staff wanting to work with us, and the clinic HAS flourished Because of em. I think It has to do with the warming clientele, neighborhood friendly and fun staff. From That first day I have now aussi Become a mother and Spending a year away from the clinic with my extended family, has-been difficult. I do not get to laugh and euphemism have sex in the staff room, and hear the interesting stories from new clients, and I do not get to share new technologies and experiences with my colleagues. We Have Become a family over time and our own families aussi Have Become friends in our circle. Overall, Mo-West has-been a great choice in my life. Yes, some days do get stressful goal I always know That there are Individuals around me to lend a helping hand and at the end of the day we always pull through. Everyone Does a bit more than there own tasks to help out and that's what makes me want to go to Work Each Day!

Employee Sabrina Sabelli
Position: VP Operations
Clinic: Montreal West

As a new therapist at Montreal West, Both I was excited and a little nervous to start in this new environment. Quickly I was Welcomed into the family and felt at home Within my first week. I Had That year use Took time to listen and offer suggestions. I Had colleagues That Were Both easy to joke around with, yet Took Their job seriously and, most is importantly, I felt That The Customer reconnu the difference in quality of services offert That Was Being at this clinic. I see many Opportunities for growth in my practice at Montreal West and this I attribute it to the young dynamic team That surrounds me.


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