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Anti-gambling legalization news six - China Times, China Times, Liberty Times News excerpt

Questioned the hasty! Anti-gambling coalition bumper Hsieh Chen Choi / Taipei

Premier Frank Hsieh public release air ball, intentionally set Kinmen Island Casino. His words drew a burst of anti-gambling legalized Union barrage of criticism directed at him would be "gambling republic" instigator.

A series of anti-gambling legalized union protests gaining momentum. "In order to anti-gambling, we will not hesitate to take to the streets, " explained Zhao Huiyang promoters made if the government did not hold public hearings to solicit public opinion before obstinately islands located casinos open, everyone will direct the bars Hsieh.

She was very dissatisfied with the attitude of Frank Hsieh for the casino, too hasty. "What to say, " As long as the local consensus, and to lobby the Legislative Yuan completed amending the law, the Executive Yuan will help make supporting measures, there is no reason to stop, "Once Kinmen Casino, this precedent, Penghu will follow, again green Island also, finally, on the island of. By that time, there is no reason why the government and stand against it.
"Frank Hsieh has played a leading role in our politicians, blue and green could not agree on many issues, only that promote gambling this matter, regardless of ruling and opposition parties, each should be and which, it is Frank Hsieh, the so-called" reconciliation and coexistence "do?" merciful understand, successive premier casino located in the islands on the issue, did not dare to act rashly, and Hsieh just shortly after taking office, to rush to promote this case.

Because of gambling, there are too many broken families followed. Release Zhaohui Jiang stressed the wonderful degree of gambling, but Taiwan's definitely better than Las Vegas, and even neighboring Macau, but also attractive than Taiwan, "Therefore, the government set up the casino once open Islands, gamblers inevitably limited, in the end , customer base will mainly come from the island of Taiwan, Taiwan, sinking a whole. "
Merciful to remind the Government, "not even think about money like crazy! Eyes staring at the casino tax revenue of $ 70 billion a year after, because the casino, and lose the social costs, is the key, " she quoted a research report, University of Illinois pointed out that, in fact, the government, after the liberalization of gambling, as long as one yuan tax revenue the state treasury, the government will have to pay 3 yuan relative price, as social welfare funds, to appease family counseling issues.

- Reprinted from May 24, 2005, "China Times"

Chen Wen / Penghu Coverage

Penghu tourism industry has to fight gaming issues, chaos than 20 years, and now the Executive Yuan deregulation, does not exclude the Kinmen, Penghu established casinos, intense local reaction, county, the Speaker immediately mobilize people to actively seek the central north.


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