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Alzheimer issues

World Alzheimer's Day, September 21, 2013 will be the excuse to take stock of current research. It will also provide medical advice to patients and their families.

A disease so little known

Alzheimer's disease is still a neurodegenerative pathology poorly understood and stigmatizing. It is mainly a source of many misconceptions. It is not, for example, a natural consequence of aging incurable disease. Of course, the percentage of people increases exponentially with age. But unfortunately the disease also affects 30, 000 persons less than 60 years in France, which showed symptoms from the thirties. Thus, it causes a slow and progressive death of neurons and the symptoms often appear several years after it is declared. Another misconception: protect the intellectual exercises of the disease. Although stimulating memory exercises are great for the brain, however, no study now proves their ability to prevent disease. It may, however, help to slow its progression, but there is no preventive treatment, much less a miracle method to curb the disease.

A complicated diagnosis

Alzheimer's disease is progressive and difficult to live for both the patient and his family. For many years, sick people, at least at times, aware of their memory loss and their failures. Loss of lucidity only occurs at a very late stage of the disease. Its diagnosis is complex and time consuming to establish and, for the moment, no treatment can to heal. However, there are ways of taking care such as day care or long-stay hospitals. On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day 2013, to discuss these issues and others, just to inform you, inform you and discuss with specialists mayor. The full program will be available in early September on the site of the city

The Simone Dussart Space, place of care and listening

White and blue, the building is reminiscent of homes in the South. But the real heat, human, is provided by Patricia Bonleu, the Site Director, and his team. "Often, relatives of patients are on the verge of burnout and can shamelessly collapse in my office says Patricia Bonleu. The wife of a top athlete, for example, suddenly realized that the years of his retirement, the couple had planned, faded with this terrible disease. She cried, referring me his drama. "The eight people who supervise patients allow a welcome respite for families. The Simone Space Dussart, the home savinien day center, completes the device management of patients alongside including long-stay hospitals (nursing homes). With a daily capacity of about fifteen people, you can receive up to 70 people each year.


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