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Reconstruction โ”€ reshape the vision of marriage and self-

  • Original title: Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends
  • Author: Bruce. Fisher & Rob. Aibo Ti
  • Translator: Mei-Hwei Chang
  • Initial release date: May 2003 published

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About This Book

"He will be fully aware of how I feel?"

This is the most readers reaction after reading the book. If you are caught in the pain of divorce, you need this step by step guide to help you rebuild lives. In addition to this book the reader to comfort the soul, more incisive and pragmatic analysis to help you through the most confusing and most painful process.

This book is Dr. Fisher Professor in the United States in 1974, a 10-week divorce adapted curriculum content, and the build-up in 1981 will be published. 20 years, Dr. Fisher courses known as "the world's premier divorce adjustment program", is the most widely used method of divorce adjustment.

Before and after the divorce is a time full of strong emotions. Dr. Fisher designed the one from the 19 "rebuilding blocks" consisting of Yamagata path, follow the sequence of emotions arise, leading the reader step by step to climb the mountain of life. For most readers, this journey is undoubtedly difficult. But if you can follow the book teaches the way, step by step forward, not to escape, hidden inner emotions and feelings and face it, you will eventually see the summit after a beautiful sight. Another book also pay attention to the child's reconstruction significance.

About the author

Bruce? Fisher (Bruce Fisher)

Doctor of Education , 1931-1998, 28 years ago (1974) developed a divorce recovery "rebuild" mode, so far, this one a 10-week course is still the world's most popular divorce adapted curriculum. Bruce use "rebuild" mode in the world has trained thousands of therapists and personal, is a highly popular divorce therapist, writer and teacher, site see Bruce is a family learning center (the Family Relations Learning Center) founder, director, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Association (the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy) member, his "Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale" (Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale) has been widely recognized by the international.


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