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We hope to be helpful [a], noun:1 observation skills: counselors and family members together, always requires keen observation of members and non-verbal language, as well as the interaction between members.Family counselors based on the observed verbal and non-verbal messages to judge family members recurring interaction patterns, can help family members understand the basic awareness and promote changes in the message.(2) participatory techniques (integrated skills): refers to the counselor into the family life, to understand the problems of the family, to feel the pain of members, to identify families of communication systems, such as into the home to get first-hand information.When the counselor to enter the main family case, the destination together with the members of the decision hardship looking for ways to encourage members to face difficulties and not to evade the previous method.3 precipitating action techniques: priming action skills counselor trigger means family members to reproduce in the talks to solve their conflicts and ways to observe their behavior that appears to solve course sequence to form a blueprint for counseling , to fix the family interaction and changes in the structure, which is present in counseling to help members produce a functional action.4 reframed visual skills: Skills reframed as the primary means to guide the case of events and situations with a point of view different from the original understanding, expand understanding of the case main events and situations flexibility to compare a constructive point of view to re-look at things.Depending on the re-frame, under the guidance of the plight of the family will be given a functional definition, aims to change the plight of family members view the opportunity to generate new options, and then be able to adjust the behavior and interaction patterns2.5 Revolving questions Tips: Cycle questions focused so family members can understand each family member's point of view.Through counselor asked different members of the family relationship issues or family perspective, expanding the diversity of each family member thinking, rather than stick to their point of view.6 contradictions intervention skills: a use contradictory principle, let the case main produce behavior change techniques.Guidance counselor case the main face of two mutually inconsistent instructions, whether or not they choose to obey orders or instructions revolt, and the results can bring changes in behavior.7 Faith reconstruction techniques: to rebuild faith, we must first] confirm the view of each member, and operates the family value system.8 Behavioral reconstruction techniques: a change from family practice new behaviors, counselors need to help family members identify new patterns of behavior, to create a new family interaction patterns, all problems can have different solutions, Family trouble not because the problem itself, but by family members deal with the problem of behavior of the family trapped.


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  • Avatar Don't Fret Pet! How can my parents stop my siblings from fighting?
    Apr 03, 2013 by Don't Fret Pet! | Posted in Parenting

    My brother is 15 but is rather immature due to his severe ADHD (he is taking medication but it wears off in the mornings and evenings). My sister is 8 and is slightly self-centred as she is the baby of the family. My par …physical fighting (slapping, pushing, hitting) and strong verbal language (nothing is more shocking to hear my little sister hissing angrily the F word at my brother for hurting her).

    Any tips or strategies?

    • Perhaps it is time for your brother to be reassessed. There was a programme on recently where one young chap had autism (I know it is different), but as he grew, he began getting more aggressive with his mother. She coul …e family a bit of respite and allowed the other children to have a more normal life.
      They didn't do it because they didn't care - they did it because they cared. He thrived and the rest of the family were happier.