Action Family Counseling the Ranch

Emmanuel Foundation: San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi

Gabriel and Lupita Torres

Aeschylus Street # 153
between Horace and Archimedes
Fracc. Spanish Villa
CP 78739 San Luis Potosi, SLP

(444) 839-1555
Cell: (444) 170-6577
Cell: (444) 170-6581
(444) 810-8609 Gabriela Torres Daughter


Centers served:
San Luis Potosi CEPRERESO Men
San Luis Potosi CEPRERESO Women
Men Bonding
Segregated Men
Join CEPRERESO New Psychiatry and COC

Approximate Statistics:
600 inmates attended by month.
150 households served per month.
Unevangelized internal 1, 000 annually.
3 Volunteers in the team (Agustín Enrique Nicandra, Henry Rose, Gabriela Torres Lugo)

What we have established:
1 Center of general attention
5 Churches in homes
8 Ways attention in prison

Inthe Care Center Street:
Family Center "Emmanuel Foundation"
Pascual M. Hernandez # 800-C
Meetings Sundays 11 am
Monday 7 pm Prayer,
Wednesday 7 pm
Information: (444) 820-1629

Churches in homes:
Operation Torch Farmer
Gabriel Torres Rivera
Tuesday 7:30 p.m.

Rancho Aguaje
Gabriel Torres Rivera
Sundays 11:00 a.m.

Rancho Insurgentes
Gabriel Torres Rivera
Thursday 4:00 p.m.

Rancho Mesa of Rabbits
Gabriel Torres Rivera
Saturdays 3pm

Rancho San Miguelito
Gabriel Torres Rivera
Tuesdays 10 am

Working with families
Atieden month an average of 150 families in pantries, clothes, shoes, medicine, counseling, bread, cakes

Companies that support:

  • Dr. Simi Foundation, AC
  • Food Bank (4 basic products are bought to give more)
  • Soriana

Donations received


INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND World Economic Outlook, May 1994 (English)

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