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Disabled delivered 21,000 signatures to prevent pharmaceutical copayment | SCV s Unsung Hero: Cary Quashen | 09

Disabled delivered 21, 000 signatures to prevent pharmaceutical copayment

The Coordinator of Disability and Dependency (D & D) has delivered today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health about 21, 000 signatures calling for the repeal of pharmaceutical copayment for people with disabilities. After delivering the signatures in the register of counseling, about five hundred people marched through the streets of Valencia to the Palau de la Generalitat. Health, in response to the protest, said that the demands of the group moved to the Ministry of Health and claimed that only "fit" to State legislation.

In contrast, the coordinator has urged citizens who have paid child medicine with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% to submit a complaint to Health for their money back because "the law is still in force recognizes its free ".

The Consell to 23 million disabled entities

The Consell "is holding 23 million euros" has committed partnerships with various entities involved in the care of people with disabilities, said Secretary of Health and Social Welfare PSPV-PSOE, José Mayans. This debt is forcing these entities to take even loans to meet the needs of this group.
The Socialist leader demanded that the president of the Generalitat, Francisco Camps, to order the Minister of Social Welfare, Juan Cotino, to pay the money it owes to these nonprofit associations. They have not yet received any of the revenue for the year 2009, "what is causing their economic strangulation and is putting in serious trouble, " socialist aseguró.El attributed the delay to "disastrous management has ruined the coffers of a Consell located back to the citizens. " These organizations are formed mostly by family and friends of those affected and "perform" as Mayans, "a huge human and economic effort to fill gaps on many occasions for which you submitted the PP Welfare area" . Mayans stressed that this "intolerable Camps forgetfulness and carelessness of society that most need your help" is causing some associations are forced to borrow on financial institutions to pay the expenses corrientes.A these problems, said Secretary of PSPV social area, add the labor-related, since "different care centers are staffed by professionals who are struggling to receive their payroll".

Cotino give back to workers and their families.

On Tuesday 24th March, the Platform in Defence of the Law of the Camp of Morvedre Unit organized a roundtable to discuss the development of the law in Valencia. They were invited representatives of trade unions, the government and the deputy CERMI, but the chair of the representative of the Department of Social Welfare was empty, proving once again how little interest the government of Francisco Camps in the development of the law Unit.
The dependents and relatives who attended the event expressed their outrage at the snub.
The Platform told attendees that the May 7 t must be a concentration and a demonstration May 23.


INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND World Economic Outlook, May 1994 (English)

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