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The purpose of family therapy is not at home, find the problem,

By contrast, is hoping to use the resources at home to solve family problems.

We believe that every family has not come in handy energy

Just have not been promoted up nothing. ~ Liwei Rong

Site demonstrations in Dr. Li Weirong talks, you will have the opportunity to observe an experienced therapist close how the client's problems / symptoms begin gradually unraveling explore their family relationships and power, and the interaction between them by adjusting model to improve the problem.

Demonstration teaching is a very valuable learning opportunity, worth recommending to the family / systems are interested in social work practice or psychological professional to experience.


Prior to the talks, Dr Lee will work with the original therapist case data aggregation (case formulation), after talks demonstration site. Etc. After the talks, the talks process, Dr. Lee personally share ideas and open questions and discussion. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the full course of treatment, family members understand the relationship between implicit narrative in a message, while observing an experienced family therapists how to make these important messages to facilitate therapeutic response changes in family therapy practice allows you to have a deeper understanding of the work and experience.

Dr. Li Weirong

Currently a director of the Hong Kong Institute of Family Therapy, New York, USA "Miniu celebrate Family Center" (Minuchin Center for the Family) supervision, and with the U.S. Marriage and Family Therapy Association (AAMFT, American Association of Marital and Family Therapy) Steering qualifications. For many years in Europe, the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other places demonstration of family therapy and provide supervision.

Dr. Lee's work with the Chinese families are very experienced and are also committed to relevant research for many years. In an important family therapy textbook "Family Therapy: Concepts & Methods", author Michael Nichols cited her as the current "structural family therapy approach, " one of the main characters. Dr. Li Qing, etc. with Miniu coauthor of "learning family therapy: Family Therapist journey of growth and transformation, " "Family and Couples Rating: four-step model" and other books. The past decade, Dr. Lee drip domestic work in Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan are published in the book "Family Dance" series, published in China "for the family healing", was China's "psychological issue" was chosen as 2010's most recommended a book.

  • Date Time Workshop | 2013.10.5-6 (six - days) 9:30-17:00
  • Location Taiwan Normal University, International Conference Hall, Education Building 202
  • Qualified psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, psychiatrist, psychological counseling and other related professionals
  • Costs 4500 yuan
  • Consult with the registration Tel: 02-23923528 | Fax: 02-23925908 | E-mail:
  • Chinese organizers Psychotherapy Research and Development Foundation
  • Co National Taiwan Normal University, Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Precautions
    1. This workshop sought 2-3 sets of model family, I want to prompt the participants Fanjia Ting please contact us. Tip Fanjia Ting will be available for other courses to enjoy the $ 1, 000 of discount.
    2. Course will be video, but the lens only lecturer and whiteboard-based, so no initiative to inform students. For trainees screen will seek prior consent before class.
    3. Shipping way: A. organizers member or student, 10% discount; B. Application of three or more groups, enjoy 95% discount. (Please select one to use)
    4. The Council Membership: Where has accumulated ten thousand yuan a year tuition students can become a member eligibility for one year. In the membership period, once again accumulate more than eight thousand yuan tuition, may be extended for one year.
    5. Retired before 10 days before commencement of course, can refund 80%; But the day after, or absent without refund; For makeup, so please leave.
    6. Please keep the receipt of payment, if lost, I am afraid not fill open and refund.
    7. This course can apply the spirit of Taiwan Medical Association, Social Work related units, clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists of continuing education credits, but please be sure to complete your registration 35 days before commencement of payment procedures.


American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy The 2011 AAMFT Annual Conference DVD - The Science of Relationships: Plenary Sessions (American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy)
Book (American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy)
  • 1. The Anthropology of Marriage and Family
  • 2. Technology in Family and Social Relations: The Good, the Bad, and the Data
  • 3. Neuroscience of Relationships: The Social Brain
  • 4. The Science of Attraction and Desire in Long-term Couples

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Ask and You WILL Receive:

2008-03-20 03:06:48 by HipGnosis

A major study shows that psychotherapy doesn't work very well at all. Butbefore you jump to simple conclusions, consider this: When it comes to matters of the mind, drug therapy isn't any more effective.
The matter is scarcely insignificant

"It" being...

2009-09-01 14:46:30 by PHactor

> ... what, more clearly?
> It also opens the door for people all over the world who may not have any access to mental health services
> in their community, or need someone to talk with at 2am and don't want to/can't call their therapist.
Ah, yes. A new "market"!
"Some 16 million people a year use mental-health services such as psychotherapy. And an estimated 24 million more need help, though many of them get it outside the mental-health system."
"two heavyweight psychologists have completed a thorough review of the literature

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      They didn't do it because they didn't care - they did it because they cared. He thrived and the rest of the family were happier.

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