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The director of COF Las Rozas: "Families feel welcomed into their family and marital difficulties within the Church"

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On Saturday January 26 I will run the COFs Training Day organized by the Family Episcopal Delegation in collaboration with the Center for Family Studies. The Aula Magna of the Seminario Conciliar de Madrid will host development sessions to commence at 10.00 am with a presentation by the CEO of Family, Fernando Simón, accompanied by Maria Lacalle, Director, Center for Family Studies Institute Economic and Social Research Francisco de Vitoria. On this occasion, we talked to Beatriz Dominguez, director of the COF of Las Rozas. cof

Explaining what are the COFs, "They include Family Guidance Centers that offer specialized services to address the problem interdisciplinary marriage and family, so you can get a personal life, marriage and family balanced and harmonious". In this regard, notes that "provides guidance in all phases through which it passes marriage and family and the difficulties you may encounter on that path. Interventions are conducted at educational and preventive guidance and counseling, therapeutic, and personalized guidance "based on Christian anthropology and the Magisterium of the Church.

In Madrid there are currently 9 Family Guidance Centers, prosiguie, "to each other just a few years and more years of travel" but "are, however, still many who start". In his view, "the horizon is to have a real network COFs in Madrid covering the territory and can respond effectively to the problems of Families".

On the First Day of COFs training to be held on Saturday, said that the idea of organizing emerged "we saw the need to continue forming ourselves in the areas of family and life together and interdisciplinary. Power to grow as people and professionals serving the family of an organized, progressive and together. " As evidenced by the Delegation of Family, COFs claim that "promote the study is essential to give reasons for our faith and our hope in regard to the truth of marriage, family and life."

The First Day of Training COFs

On the journey they will address issues such as "The evangelization of the COFs dimension", by Professor Luis Granados, Ecclesiastical University San Damaso. "Drug Addiction in the family, '" by Ana Ozcáriz, University Francisco de Vitoria, or "Domestic violence seen from the podium, " which the judge speak Bordejé Inmaculada Pérez. In addition, Perez Tasio Salido, of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, will address "The Causes of marital crisis, " Marta Asin, University Francisco de Vitoria, reflect on "The canonical nullity". And Juan Jose Perez-Soba, the John Paul II Institute, will speak on 'The emotive subject utilitarian pastoral conversion'.

On the importance of family ministry in the year 2013, stated that "it is the year of the faith, and faith is learned and lived with the family, you get to know Love through love we receive." Just recalled that "I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly" (Jn 10:10). If the pastoral mission of the Church is the development of the Christian life, must necessarily be a family ministry because the family is the first and himself where life is born and grows. "

He also spoke about the main problems that are facing families today: "There are many problems of miscommunication, stress, parallel lives, difficulties in raising children, etc".


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