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10 Jun 2006 12:12 pm

Good family, the church will be okay?

Icehouse Bears have a dream, is to write a truly Bible as the backbone, on "family" books.

Icehouse Bear read many books on modern family counseling, there are also Chinese American author author, among them the Church of the industry's star. Their arguments mostly psychology, sociology, counseling, school and even church growth study, based on melody are inseparable from the core family (Nuclear Family) based, tend to emphasize "good family, the church will be good, " one of the most outstanding The totem is strongly emphasized so-called "family altar", this school in the past three decades in the foreign church circles can say is to do coquettish, more than the previous generation of believers by this school's philosophy.

Originally Well, "family altar" Faith is a very good practice and should be taken seriously. The question is: too prominent nuclear family (Nuclear Family) importance, or even place it on top of the church, is it true biblical teachings do? In faith practice, when there is a conflict between the family and the church, the church often become victims, and only church to accommodate families condescend, but less for the church to hear family sacrifice. Family as described in the Bible, it really confined to the modern nuclear family (Nuclear Family) structure do? Is it: "Family is good, the church will be okay?"

Era gave us a very clear answer, and today the family structure collapsed, the situation not only in the church, but also occur within the church. Seeing so many broken families, single parents in the fold, the church can do, in addition to passively reaffirm our marriage Yanzheng Li OTC can really do is meager, in the end each minding everyone holding their own "family altar", those from broken families, single parents, widows and orphans widower sheep alone, even if "Haowu feel Italian, " to walk the church will only be empty, empty away. Who does not want to have a complete family can enclose "altar" sit it? For they come from incomplete families, whether from there to stir out of a "family altar" mean? Unfortunately, the brothers and sisters are busy building their own family altar, that there is an empty tube might have happened again?

Icehouse Bear convinced that the Bible is completely above the ground knowledge of wisdom above. Israel from the Old Testament to the New Testament Church of God often called His electorate as "families." In the New Testament, "family", especially outstanding in this description, Jesus himself taught us, believers must be commensurate with the brothers and sisters, there are signs that God sees us, not one after another small nuclear family altar, but combined into a combination of a unity of the church altar, "the church is the family, " the spindle is too obvious, and the nuclear family as a unit of the Church, subject-object order is very clear. The establishment of the nuclear family, the church must be based, supplemented by nuclear families.


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