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Friends of Children working in Kenya in four different geographical areas: the city of Nairobi, Muranga District of the Rift Valley and Ngong Hills.


A country with strong inequalities

Kenya covers an area of 582650 km with a population of around 37 million inhabitants (July 2007). A beautiful country, nestled in a pristine wilderness.

Kenya's economy is mainly based on agriculture and tourism, has a growth rate of 6% per annum, with strong inequalities in income distribution. The wealth of a few is paid with the misery of many.
50% of the population live below the subsistence level. The dropout rate is very elevato.La child poverty, disease and poor availability of risorsecostringono thousands of families to abandon their children.

The emergence of child abandonment

It is estimated that 8.6 million children live in absolute poverty, 2.4 million are orphans and 47% of these it is because of the death of their parents to AIDS. In Kenya orphans lose the right to go to school, they are subject to discrimination and exploitation of child labor, are exposed to the risk of child trafficking and sex tourism. Thousands of children without families end up in an institution: overcrowded facilities with limited resources to provide new hope for life.


Our projects

Friends of Children has arrived permanently in Kenya in 2008. However, it has started its activities in 2007 by supporting the Soila Maasai Girls Rescue Centre in the Rift Valley, founded by the Kenya Children's Home.
In 2009, we materialized agreements with several institutions, which currently collaborate.

1) Kwetu Home of Peace - Nairobi

The center was created in 1993 with the aim of reintegrating children who live on the streets, abandoned by their families. The center accommodates 80 male children from 8 to 15 years for a maximum stay of 2 years. The first host in the center is dedicated to the recovery of street children, and through participation in some activities of daily living, educators are trying to convey to them the value of rules and hygiene. After an initial adjustment period, the children are placed in local schools.
As soon as the children arrive at the center trying to trace their family and to understand the reasons for their abandonment. The reasons that push them to street life are different: domestic violence, lack of food and extreme poverty, lack of a responsible family can raise them, especially mistreatment of orphans who are under the care of guardians, influence of other children who already living on the streets, lack of formal education.


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Counseling and Support Groups....

2008-04-20 01:55:38 by apasionato

Fraser Child and Family Center
Mental health division
2400 w. 64th St
Minneapolis, MN 55423
Contact: Emily
***Do have some programs dealing with violence (domestic abuse, etc.)
Lutheran Social Service of MN
2414 Park Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55404
***Counseling for families, couples and children for a variety of reasons Have a program PSA, Personal Social Awareness for youth

Seattle Sexual and Trauma Center

2006-08-14 19:01:04 by Cascadia1

Harborview medical center has a world class sexual assualt program and they are part of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. They have a 24 hour coverage.
Even though it has been a month she may appear to be "fine" for years and then develop PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) also if she wasn't sexually active before she will need support during that tranisition as well.
Sexual Assault and Trauma Counseling
Counselors are available to assist individuals and families in dealing with the emotional crisis after a traumatic event

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