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Site launches free course "Family Leadership" - The Fuxico Gospel

The site is about to launch a leadership course oriented
those working in the area of family counseling. A course totally free and with a program that promises to facilitate interaction between parents and children in a modern way and without leaving the biblical concepts.

The site has already provided all the course schedule, which will be sent by email to subscribers and also posted on the official website.

Learn about the program's Family Leadership Course

Target Audience:

Christian leaders, parents, managers interested in understanding family dynamics and barriers for the transformation and growth of this.


The course's main objective is to provide participants with a comprehensive insight into the dynamics and mechanisms of functioning of a Christian family and at the same time provide important management techniques and tools for day to day.


The course will be conducted in order to stimulate improvement theoretical and academic experience of students, based on presentation of best practices, case studies, expert lectures and discussions to practical application of the concepts presented in the strengthening of the students and their families .


  • . Situating "Christ" in the family;
  • . Life cycle of family harmony;
  • . Conflict management and relationships in the family;
  • . Survival and strengthening of the family;
  • . The process of formation of family leaders;
  • . Women leaders in family;
  • . Monitoring the performance of your spiritual family;
  • . Strategy in the family;
  • Who is the leader in your home?


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Counseling needed here

2009-11-20 15:47:14 by unselfemployed

First of all, stop tip-toeing around his precious feelings. He's 31 years old -- he doesn't need his self-esteem stroked like some 4 year old. He's being a lazy, good-for-nothing asshole, and he needs to be called on it. Stop praising him for fncking up -- talk about mixed signals!
Second, find yourself a good marriage counselor. Make an appointment.
Third, sit down with a family law attorney, and discuss what your options are in for a separation and a divorce. Forewarned is forarmed.
Finally, sit down with the overgrown brat, unplug the PS3, and tell him: "I am very worried about us

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  • Avatar Don't Fret Pet! How can my parents stop my siblings from fighting?
    Apr 03, 2013 by Don't Fret Pet! | Posted in Parenting

    My brother is 15 but is rather immature due to his severe ADHD (he is taking medication but it wears off in the mornings and evenings). My sister is 8 and is slightly self-centred as she is the baby of the family. My par …physical fighting (slapping, pushing, hitting) and strong verbal language (nothing is more shocking to hear my little sister hissing angrily the F word at my brother for hurting her).

    Any tips or strategies?

    • Perhaps it is time for your brother to be reassessed. There was a programme on recently where one young chap had autism (I know it is different), but as he grew, he began getting more aggressive with his mother. She coul …e family a bit of respite and allowed the other children to have a more normal life.
      They didn't do it because they didn't care - they did it because they cared. He thrived and the rest of the family were happier.

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    Ok so i love food and i eat a lot. i used to have a fast metabolism so it was fine but now im gaining wait ( it was bound to happen ) how can i stop eating so much so that i dnt get fat. Thankyou

    • Eat more fruits and vegetables, poop a lot (seriously). Just maintain a good diet, go to the gym, talk to a nutritionist, and please keep eating, don't starve yourself. Because once you do fall off the wagon and start ea …meal. Instead of eating a full plate, eat half, so just eat half of what you normally would eat, just enough were you don't feel full, but enough where you don't feel hungry. It's a weird balance, I know, but good luck!!