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Marriage is a lifetime that a woman set foot on the road do? Establishment of a family, is immutable goal? "Home" while mom and dad must have lived under one roof just like home? No matter how rotten husband, than no costumes, okay?

For many of our marriage, the family's idea, expectations, ideas, are derived from our original family, education, environment and social conventions, but this expectation, the concept is not impossible to shake regret or doubt, and the fact that everything in life not necessarily go according to our expectations yet.

Inside this unit, with the more profound and lively way, to help us understand how families shape the individual, to help us to observers in member interactions, improper marriage myths and stereotypes of male and female students as well as help us with a more appropriate look on divorce such behavior, let us face the issue, they can go with a more rational analysis, reflection and consultation to seek appropriate solutions.

Common Marriage Myths

"Marriage Myth" is incorrect beliefs about marriage, marriage predisposes false expectations, also hinder the couple's communication and interaction, which led to marital conflict.

The following are common problems in marriage, the parties to the marriage of some incorrect beliefs:

(A) Single Marriage can be overcome when unresolved issues

Many people have a false vision of marriage, that love is the most important, other issues are trivial, even when untreated single good thing that, after marriage will naturally be solved without trouble.

Some people in the marriage, and others unhappy relationships, such as with colleagues at odds with the boss discord, conflict with parents, brothers and sisters do not come together with classmates alienation only and lovers get along. If the person is such a person, and you still hold "people do not understand him, so do not come at him, " the idea, or looking forward to marriage, he will improve interpersonal relationships, as well as to treat you like a considerate when premarital I am afraid that will be looking for nothing.

Some people play hard and premarital excessive, or bad habits (such as alcoholism, gambling, fighting, and good fishing color, etc.), it will probably remain as before marriage, because marriage itself does not cause people to change, unless he strive to modify their behavior. A person to change or not to change bad habits, whether in its willingness to change and action, rather than married or not. Some people in the marriage will grow, others not, depends on individual effort.

(Two) should have love marriage will bring happiness and joy, without hard work

Many people think that marriage will be smooth sailing, happy marriage than before marriage. Men often vowed: "I must give you a happy day", showing a woman looking happy marriage in addition to outside, men are also looking to give his wife happy.

In fact, the marriage which can bring frustration and hardship than most people imagine to be more. If you wish a happy marriage, as expected, you must first have some effort, but also to sustained effort. Marriage is bound to have highs and lows, both spouses must from time to time work, communication and always solve the problem. If there is only love, but rarely take the time to discuss with each other and improvement in the marriage, it is impossible to have a good marriage.


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You need to separate your divorce

2010-09-13 08:30:52 by whirly-girl

And this online woman.
As far as the divorce you need to ask "Am I better off with or without this person?" And are the kids better off now or if you lived in separate households?
Your wife may not want divorce because she's in a comfortable spot. If she's not willing to work on issues, like a budget, sex and family time you may be at a dead end. But because you have kids you ought to end up in counseling, whether it's to save the marriage or divorce with little hurt to the kids as possible. Yes, people do need divorce counseling.
The online woman, nice distraction but you cannot put any stock in someone you have never met

Couples Counseling

2007-09-09 10:09:01 by ---

My FH and I just got engaged. As far back as he can remember there has never been a divorce in his family and everyone seems so happy all the time (and it's not that fake happy). On my side of the family however, there has never been a marriage that has lasted more than 5 years (and some of the ones that have lasted 2-3 year, you can start to see that fake happy).
I really want our marriage to work and I think we should have a year long engagement with couples counseling at least 2 times a month. We have been together for 6 years already, 5 of those years living together and we NEVER fight

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