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A few days after the birth of Francesco I was contacted from the server health of the ASL of Brescia. A chat and a date set for the next day. Intrigued (there was also the father) went to our first meeting with Giusy. E 'was love at first sight: put us at ease immediately, gave us valuable advice and also some advice on the management of the first few weeks with the infant full time. We left the clinic happy to have met a person competent, helpful and attentive to young and inexperienced their parents.

From that day Giusy has been a fixture in my early months by mom. On Monday morning has become our appointment with the clinic. Two hours for us mothers (accompanied by our children) in which breast-feeding, talk about issues, confront the experiences and changes triggered by this new life - has never lacked some pause gossip (Yes mothers but also women!)

Now, arrived at six months, we're going to the clinic on Thursday afternoons for meetings on weaning and those with the psychologist (who tries to help us find our way to independence).

Beyond these appointments to the clinic we became a united group rather: we are eating ice cream, to go for walks, we exchange advice via WhatsApp, we'll post pictures of our children who are slowly becoming little men.

I think the clinic is truly a place valuable and useful ...

In times of difficulties with breastfeeding, in times of distress when I felt like a bad mom I found people like me, with the same doubts and the same fears. And together we have found solutions (customized for each individual child and each mother).

I met some friends with whom to share leisure and enrich my days and the children and the beautiful girls that I hope will become buddies of Francis.

Today I think of that phone call Giusy and I think what was important to me. I hope that all mothers have the opportunity to live this experience, definitely enriching and useful.

Barbara - Mom


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De nada, sister

2010-02-10 12:49:51 by peasncarrots

What sucks is that I have a sister, who has obviously suffered as much as I have, but she has Borderline Personality Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the two of us are like oil and water.
So, we can't really ever seem to comfort each other too much about the SHIT our parents do to us both, and unfortunately, our parents have used us against each other from the time we were little, so it really screwed up our relationship. It's such a mess. I really don't talk to anyone in my family.
Which is probably why I'm so dependent on PaFo.
I can't afford counseling, the time, or the money.

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