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As a result of government decisions which come into force on 1 August 2013, the Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities has made ​​some changes to the rules and procedures of immigration.

For more information, see the Rules and immigration procedures .

The final admission of the candidates is the responsibility of the Government of Canada. After being selected by Quebec, you must file an application for permanent residence (visa) to the Centralized Intake Office in Canada, Sydney, Nova Scotia .

The Government of Canada will evaluate your medical history and that of your family members. It will also conduct a security check.

If you successfully pass this stage, the Government of Canada will issue a permanent resident visa.

  • To immigrate to Québec, candidates and their families must meet the requirements of the Quebec selection AND the requirements for admission to Canada.
  • An application for permanent residence is refused if the health status of a candidate or a family member (accompanying or not) present a risk to public health or safety, or likely to cause excessive demands on social services or health in Canada, even if he has obtained a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

Costs and delays for permanent residence visa

The fees required by the Government of Canada for the processing of an application for permanent residence (visa).

The medical examinations and security are subject to a tariff locally defined.

The processing time may vary from one country to another.


After three years of establishment in Québec, you can apply for citizenship with the Government of Canada. Besides the fee, you must pass a test of knowledge of Canada.

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De nada, sister

2010-02-10 12:49:51 by peasncarrots

What sucks is that I have a sister, who has obviously suffered as much as I have, but she has Borderline Personality Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the two of us are like oil and water.
So, we can't really ever seem to comfort each other too much about the SHIT our parents do to us both, and unfortunately, our parents have used us against each other from the time we were little, so it really screwed up our relationship. It's such a mess. I really don't talk to anyone in my family.
Which is probably why I'm so dependent on PaFo.
I can't afford counseling, the time, or the money.

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  • Avatar Mike Why wasn't there a shelter for me when I was a victim of non-self-defense violence from an ex-girlfriend?
    Aug 13, 2010 by Mike | Posted in Gender & Women's Studies
    • Society sees men different we are suppose to be tough and the ones to walk away from things like that and not take it. Men are abused by women pretty often actually. Psychology teaches us that women are actually more likely to be violent in a relationship than men. Tim