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Dispensary Aurora delivered on Wednesday (21/08/2013) SAO PAULO ~ UPDATED

F or the ninth time in just eight months of work, the new management of the São Paulo City Hall gave another health unit revitalized. The Unit Family Health - USF neighborhood of Aurora, which was reopened on Wednesday (21) at 8am, got a facelift from floor to ceiling. Interventions property contemplated in the offices, bathrooms, reception, and retelhamento and general painting. More than thousand calls per month are performed in the unit. The restructuring of municipal public health is one of the pillars of the administration of current Mayor Junior Matuto.

USF in Aurora, community residents have general practitioner, dental care, vaccinations and dressing room. In all, 20 professionals working on site, between doctor, nurse, dentist, dental health aide, nursing technicians, and community health workers, and school administration. Despite the interventions in the unit, the service did not suffer interruptions. Among the list of medical posts recovered by the new school board, are Polyclinic Health Care Women's Center, the Jurandir Freire II in Marazion Garden, the High Field Rose, in Rosebush, Albert Sabin, Arthur Lundgren in I; and unity of the Noble, the Noble.

Are already ongoing work to restructure the Counseling and Testing Center (ATC), in Torres Vila Galvão, and put the Enough More, located between the neighborhood of Ingenio Marazion and Allotment Conception.

USF Aurora - Aurora Street, # 995, Aurora.

Landmark - Next to the Municipal Football Stadium.

Present in reopening: Mayor Matuto Junior, Health Secretary Alberto Lima, Secretary of Education Tonic Valpassos, Iranildo Mayor, Aldermen: Edimilson Pagoda, Nildo Soldier, Robby, and Venicius community.

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