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Pilar Hernández-Wolfe is associate professor and director of the Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy program. She is a licensed family therapist and a licensed clinical professional counselor, a clinical member and approved supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and a consultant and trainer for the Institute for Family Services in New Jersey. In Addition, she serves as board member of the American Family Therapy Academy and is a member of the American Psychological Association. Pilar has over fifteen years of experience Working with Individuals, couples and families in outpatient clinics and private practice. Also She has worked with refugees and survivors of torture in San Diego and displaced Populations in Colombia, her native country. As a consultant, trainer and presenter, she has collaborated with organizaciones in the U.S., Colombia and Mexico in the areas of clinical supervision, traumatic stress, resilience, organizational diversity and equity, and contextually responsive family therapy.

Prior to coming to Lewis & Clark, Pilar Taught in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at San Diego State University, where she developed a specialty program in trauma studies. Most recently, she directed the Mental Health Counseling program at Johns Hopkins University.

I am a family therapist devoted to healing the wounds of social and historical traumatic stress and Fostering resilience. I am Committed to training culturally responsive and globally Informed MFT practitioners to serve the unique needs of diverse communities, Both locally and Internationally. As an educator, I Believe That education is a drawing out, not a putting in. Knowledge is not simply Transmitted from the teacher to students, but is Actively constructed in the mind of the learner through dialogue, reflection and various hands-on activities. I Believe That Make Their students Their Own Ideas by constructing knowledge structures, and That They Learn by Integrating new information from Their Own life experience.

Traumatic Stress, Resilience, Vicarious Resilience, Human Rights, Decolonization, Family Therapy Supervision, Social Justice and Family Therapy

Pilar's scholastic research examine applications of contextually responsive models to couple and family therapy clinical practice, consultation and supervision; decolonization in education and therapy, domestic violence, socially just international and intercultural collaborations; psychosocial effects of state-sponsored terror, and Organized violence, and resilience . Her current projects include examining Latin American Approaches to decolonization and historical trauma, resilience and vicarious resilience (Cali, Colombia), privilege in family therapy education (U.S.) and piloting the Cultural Equity Assessment System (U.S.) Her upcoming book A View of Latinos Borderlands , Latin Americans and Decolonization. Rethinking Mental Health will be available in 2013.


Springer Stress and Resilience: The Social Context of Reproduction in Central Harlem
Book (Springer)

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