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MFT Progress Notes: Should you pursue a doctorate in MFT?

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If the family is the problem
In family therapy to treat mental problems
against the background of family relationship patterns.
Symptoms are an expression of a person communication
and related conditions in the family system,
which may include several generations. With special
Techniques such as the so-called circular questions, a
Change of perspective requires, ("What do you think, how
My son feels? ") Or by the detection of conflicts
and alliances in a family sculpture pushes the therapist
Change processes. From entrenched patterns of interaction
can be within the family system as
solve, learn the family members, better together
to talk and find solutions to their problems.
The book provides the reader with the particular approach
family therapy and intervention techniques is typical

About the Author:

William J. Doherty, PhD, is a professor and former director of marriage and family therapy program at the University of Minnesota and Director of the Citizen Professional Center.

Susan H. McDaniel, PhD, is Honorary Professor of "Families & Health, " the director of the "Institute for the Family" at the psychiatric department and deputy head of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Rochester, New York.


Family therapy, intervention techniques, psychotherapy

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Munich / Basel


3-497-02304-3 / 3497023043


978-3-497-02304-2 / ​​9783497023042


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2004-11-04 13:32:50 by doremifa

Well. i'm finishing up my master's in counseling. then i'll get licensed as an LMFT (marriage and family therapist) but i'd like to specialize with families having problems with their teenagers. I'd like to work on my PhD in clinical psych while i get licensed. Should I start looking into PhD programs en France? I am having fun, though the classwork has made me more socially aware, which usually equates to a higher level of intolerance for ignorance/prejudice.
what are your degrees in? finance? a JD?
should we start planning a house/hotel warming party? what foods shall we s

Health notes: Memorial Hospital will open an emergency center at Atlantic and ..  — Florida Times-Union
Rick Scott has appointed Jamie Buller, a St. Vincent's HealthCare licensed clinical social worker, to serve on the state's Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling.

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  • Avatar Mike Why wasn't there a shelter for me when I was a victim of non-self-defense violence from an ex-girlfriend?
    Aug 13, 2010 by Mike | Posted in Gender & Women's Studies
    • Society sees men different we are suppose to be tough and the ones to walk away from things like that and not take it. Men are abused by women pretty often actually. Psychology teaches us that women are actually more likely to be violent in a relationship than men. Tim

  • Avatar Roger Why do men not get access to shelters like women or counselling services/phonelines?
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    There are number news reports on youtube of men having to ring women's shelters to ask for help (as if they're gonna get treated equally by a women's shelter) isn't this gender inequality?

    According to a men …, especially seeing as men cannot use physical force to defend ourselves because that will most likely result in him being imprisoned for "violence against women".

    • Domestic violence against men is not fully understood and accepted yet and unfortunately male victims of DV do not get the help and support they need. There is a lot of stigma attached to being a male victim of DV especially if the perpetrator is a woman. Attitudes are starting to change but unfortunately I think it will take a long time before male and female victims of DV are treated equally.