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FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

1) Where do I get if I choose 142?

With the emergency number 142 (no area code) I get to telephone counseling site in each state in which I find myself. The telephone counseling Austria is so organized regionally, with nine independent telephone counseling sites.

2) Who are the counselors on the phone?

In the telephone counseling sites in Austria work primarily volunteer counselors who were selected for this work as appropriate and who have completed a special training for the advice on the phone.

3) Why does the telephone counseling is also called emergency?

The telephone counseling sites in Austria have an emergency status. This is a requirement that the helpline is staffed around the clock every day of the year.

At the same time it is also ensured by the emergency status that the calls - if they occur without code - free of charge.

4) Who calls to the helpline?

Women, men, children, young people, so people of every age and every social class, people of different beliefs and religions.

5) Call the helpline only to people who no longer know what to do, and who want to commit suicide?

There are people who call the helpline in an acute crisis situation and are looking for advice and counsel. Other callers suffer again under unchangeable, stressful circumstances in their lives and looking at the Telefonseelsorge a long-term support. Still others call it will be an aid in the clarification of hope for everyday problems, ask for information about support services in the social network or just want to unload their worries or their frustration once simple.

6) What problems do people call the emergency number 142?

Many callers suffering from loneliness, do not live in a stressful relationship or partnership. Generational conflicts can weigh heavily. It is often anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses that cause people to call the helpline. Consequences of these diseases are often loneliness and isolation, often also work loss and the accompanying existential problems.

7) What can make calls with the telephone counseling service - what can be achieved?

Experience, a / n encountered mindful / s listeners / Add on the phone, is the fundamental prerequisite to be able to build trust callers.

As a consequence, different tools can be offered:

  • momentary relief / assistance
  • supporting accompaniment
  • Information / instructions
  • Suggestion for problem clarification and resolution
  • In any case, trying to work with the / m each caller / together in good solutions to the existing problem.

    8) Why is the name of this facility telephone "counseling" and not simply telephone counseling?

    This is related to the genesis of these bodies in Austria and Germany. In both countries there were the Christian churches, which have caused this necessary adjunct to life, and these are almost invariably still the carrier of the individual TS sites.

    The term "pastoral" has in this context the importance of: Sensitive assist people; accept them as they are, give them support and comfort.

    9) How will you volunteer / r employee?

    Interested persons can contact the helpline site of the federal state in conjunction, where they receive training and information on the application documents. By clicking each state on the map of Austria takes you to the respective provinces homepages.


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