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國際刑事法院不受理對前任教宗的控訴 thumbnail International criminal court dismissed the complaint against the former Pope International Criminal Court rejected an appeal is not high odds that the victims of sexual abuse by clergy, alleging the former Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican's Cardinal may have committed crimes against humanity, and request that they be investigation. The Hague International Court of "clergy sexual abuse Survivors Network"'s defense team, said: "There is no basis for further analysis." An officer of the court sent a letter May 31 to the "Center for Constitutional Rights, " said: "You material submitted as described matters, it seems that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the court. "is representative of the center by ...
Experts believe that the church should consider cultural differences prevention of sexual abuse A handle sexual abuse cases within the Church of the experts believe that the Vatican regulators are developing prevention guidelines should take into account the differences between countries. Pontifical Gregorian University, "Child Protection Centre" director Hans. Measures Nadu (Hans Zollner) priest said: "We understand that in study habits, and how people respond to questionnaires and follow certain rules, etc., vary between countries." Initiatives Nadu priest on June 5 said: "In different cultures see this, is the most interesting and inspiring thing." He explained that some of the guidelines should ...
[Comment] China is now really the best time you? CPC Central Committee magazine "Seeking Truth" recently published in France Chinese scholar Song Lu Zheng article entitled "Only go to China to see the future." Articles beginning, said: "Today's China is the best since 1840 period, today's China since 1840 has the best system, and today's China is the world's major countries in the best country in the development of .專家認為教會預防性侵犯應考慮文化差異 thumbnail "the author of the Opium War in 1840 as a watershed in the history of China from a" central empire "into a strong male-lined system, but whether it is none of the Qing government or the government of the Republic can bring out China ...
English French gay marriage bill will pass the House of Commons Following the British House of Commons, the French National Assembly on February 12 vote to allow same-sex marriage bill. The study, "everyone's marriage" bill, recognize same-sex marriages legalized same-sex "couples' right to adopt children, the spouse of an open lesbian fertility rights and other issues raised about the French camp for several months of intense confrontation. Frenchman knows that if this bill, if passed, might be interested in people's traditional view of marriage, the family and even the concept of social civilization tremendous cognitive and ideological subversion. And France is a country with a strong Catholic tradition, ...
Vatican spokesman welcomed the U.S. President firearms control program The Vatican's chief spokesman praised U.S. President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) a proposal to curb gun violence, believes this is "a step in the right direction." Lombardi (Federico Lombardi) Fr January 19, said forty-seven religious leaders have called on the U.S. Congress "restricted firearm, because firearms are causing unacceptable social cost to pay, including killings and meaningless death." His last weekend in the "Vatican Radio" program, said, "I support them, " the Vatican spiritual support limitations firearms. ...
The study refers to the divorced families have fewer children participate in religious activities The negative consequences of divorce on society is well known, but a new report shows that divorce has also led to a reduction participate in religious activities. January 16, "American values ​​research institutions, " a group of scholars published the findings, titled "Family structure affects beliefs do: Challenge the Church to face the impact of family change." The report noted that in the United States, each year about one million children experience their parents' divorce, there were fourth young man from divorced families. Author of the study indicate that adult children of divorced families than in intact families children growing up, but the lack of ...
Church will include sex education in Kerala, India Sunday School children India's southwestern state of Kerala Catholic Church a few years ago following the requirements of prospective participants premarital counseling and marriage sex education class, now go further to include sex education in catechism classes. Local Syrian Malabar Confucianism cum Anga Mali's Ernakulam archdiocese, a few months ago on a trial basis for local eighth-grade catechism class students launched called "enlightenment" in sex education classes. Archdiocese of catechesis and moral Director Jacob. Puqiakate (Jimmy Poochakkatt) Father to "The Hindu", said: "Children, parents and teachers have responded very enthusiastically, we ...
South Korea-year-old girl was sexual abuse lead to social discontent [UCAN. Seoul] South Korea recent spate of sex crimes occurred last week-old girl was kidnapped, raped, shocked the nation, President Lee Myung-bak on the matter public apology.教廷發言人歡迎美國總統槍械管制方案 thumbnail The southern city of Naju a girl last Wednesday night, was abducted while sleeping at home, the suspect is under 23 years of high caste men, the girl from her home home three hundred meters, and the girls family acquaintance. Girls were found the next day at Riverside road, an injury confirmed intestinal rupture. While voice rising social discontent on the occasion, Lee Myung-bak on Friday visited the National Police Agency. He said: "I would like to apologize on behalf of the government to the people." ...
Church summer camp a little introspection In mid-August, the country church summer classes, summer camps gradually came to an end, a great victory held a successful conclusion of the potential, but whether it also gives us some introspection? Some 10 years ago, every summer, the children always be parents coax shoving to go to church to attend educational classes.研究指離異家庭的孩子較少參加宗教活動 thumbnail In order to allow the children to stay interested in learning catechism, the kitchen is always busy logistical entertain with good eating and drinking, while the kids still so lovely nature, not the church will be learning her mother scolded, do not look at eating as part on, why not? At that time catechetical learning relative ...
The Vatican newspaper called Bald Barbie toy manufacturers on sale [UCAN. Reuters Vatican City Vatican official newspaper "L'Osservatore Romano" calls Barbie doll manufacturer, is undergoing chemotherapy and sick children out to go on sale hair bald version of Barbie dolls. U.S. toy manufacturer "Mattel child" has launched no earlier curly blond bald Barbie doll but they plan to go directly to the hospital, not the Public Offer. What happened was a mother to her daughter in the United States undergoing chemotherapy at "Facebook" launched on sports, has access to fifteen million people support, Mattel child subsequently launched a new version of this doll. August 18 ...
Indian officials denied that the outbreak in refugee camps in northeastern [UCAN. New Delhi, Assam, India Reuters Health officials categorically denied media reports alleged, thousands of children in refugee camps have contracted the disease. These camps to escape ethnic conflicts within the state of refugees and displaced settings, thirty-five million people now live. Cork area affected health department director Raja Ananta. Hyderabad (Ananta Mohan Raba) said: "Everything is under control, we are monitoring the situation and I do not know these reports come from." Media reported on August 5, in India's northeastern state of Assam Branch Kela Jia, Qi Lang ...
Japanese Catholics autistic children run model trains club [UCAN. Tokyo] many model railway enthusiasts on May 19 to 20, to participate in Shizuoka, Japan "Shizuoka Railway Exhibition", which is undoubtedly the most good heart eel train club members. Eel Iwata Shizuoka Train Club by the parishioners Kageyama really Kangcheng Li, a total of twelve members, designed to link children with autism. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the patient with others and the world around them communication skills. Clubs' narrow eight times the model trains for autistic children in special schools and hold a "Rail Journey." ...
Indian children of different religions different perception of God [UCAN. Chennai, India News] Recent studies have found that children of different religious backgrounds in India believe the existence of God, but how they perceive God is not the same. Hema. 塞尔瓦库马里 (Hema Selvakumari) for her Christian Studies, University of Madras Master study focuses on the multi-religious country like India in the context of how children from different religions treat concept of God. She said that although many Asian theologians try to understand the concept of God, but never in this context to consider the idea of ​​children, this study is a trial ...
International Family Conference refers to the destruction of Asian families globalization [UCAN. Reuters in Bangkok Thirteenth International Conference on Family, Family and Children's Services Institute released the latest report noted that globalization has brought to families with children "many changing test", particularly in Asian families, globalization has resulted there is a conflict between parents and children. Conference organized by the Institute, the Vatican Pontifical Culture Commission sponsored June 15 to 20 held in Bangkok, a total of more than 130 experts attended the meeting. Reports said that as the family members scattered around the world, "such rapidly changing and expanding eco-system, damages families raising children ...
[Comment] Children's Day and Future Man People often say: "Ten years to grow a tree." Human shape is difficult, but also shows that people have a great relationship with the future. Today is "Children's Day", many schools will engage in a variety of celebrations, community will launch a variety of celebrations; also to the various levels of leadership primary schools, kindergartens for children to express holiday wishes. These illustrate what? Few people may ask this question. Here, I make a few remarks. (A) This shows that leadership can clearly realize that children are the future and hope! As Mr. Liang Qichao this to say: ... Next >>

英法國會下議院通過同性婚姻法案 thumbnail 印度喀拉拉教會將性教育納入兒童主日學 thumbnail 南韓七歲女童被性侵犯案引發社會不滿 thumbnail 教會暑期夏令營的一點反省 thumbnail


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