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Children queued by psychologist between obsessions, anger, and anxiety

images Doubled the number of child care by specialists in private or in public facilities. Experts: "We need the cooperation of the school and the family"

Anxiety, depression, pathological hyperactivity, anorexia, obsessive or paranoid, violent assault. In Turin, in the last 12 months increased by 20% the cases of children and adolescents suffering from mental disorders. To report a situation that "grows exponentially from year to year" is the Local Health that all over the city, in 2012, has treated over 10, 000 patients.

As in other EU countries

"I'm almost 10% of the population of that age, in line with the European average, higher than regional is around 6%, " says Professor Roberto Rigardetto, Professor of Child Psychiatry at the University.

Even more significant numbers are recorded by specialists, psychologists and child psychotherapists private, so the crisis does not exist: 'The studies of colleagues who specialize in psychological care to patients of childhood are filled, unlike those for adults, where c 'was a drop of requests, "says Giancarlo Marenco, regional secretary of the Order of Psychologists, which speaks of a" doubling over the last five years of cases. " In particular, children 'even very small and preschool children, aged 2 years, with disturbances also disabling power - is the recent case study of a child two and a half that he could not swallow and was not suffering from any organic disease -. And yet, children with school phobias, difficulties related to separation from family, various disorders of behavior. "

Sad and angry

Children and adolescents 'difficult'. Sad, angry, afraid, with great difficulty to enforce the rules, hyperactive and intolerant toward others, which insinuates the awareness of not being able to keep up with peers, children especially vulnerable.

These are phenomena that push families to turn to a psychologist for help. In smaller, are also frequent stuttering and motor tics, generalized anxiety and symptoms suggestive of a personality disorder, or enuresis that is involuntary urination in sleep. Epiphenomena, even serious, a family situation of hardship and lack of care, that if you turn into instability and conditions requiring the support of neuropsychiatric services.

Dr. Horace Pirro, Director of the Complex of Child Neuropsychiatry ASL To1: "They were 5117 patients followed from January to November in my local health services, including 1, 400 new cases." Of these, about 1000 are required by the Court for Minors.

With a delicate work of the network, between families, social services, the courts, schools, 'we try to give an answer to inconvenience increasingly complex, "Dr. Lorenza specific Bondonio, director of the NP ASL To2, whose structures, constituencies at 6:07, take a cure in 30% of patients of foreign origin on a dock of 5500 cases per year, "half of which are psychiatric and psychological, and neuropsychiatric half."


Direct Work With Children
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Pastoral counseling is available from many

2008-04-08 10:58:08 by toutoi_nika

People, a lot of whom are ministers or priests and don't charge. If you live in a city, you probably have a United Way or similar umbrella organization, and it may have a referral service that will give you the names of some pastoral counselors. If that's not available, look for organizations such as Lutheran Family Services, or the office of your local Catholic diocese that deals with such matters, and ask them. Once you make contact with an organization or person who is familiar with this, they should be able to give you others to go to; these people are networked, usually.
You don't have to stick with the first one you talk to; keep moving until you get someone you like who you think can help you, and then talk out your problems

Need low cost mediation services, please help!

2013-01-29 22:44:58 by VonGerdur

Hi Craigslist,
I am helping a close family member find some budget-conscious mediation services in the Brainerd/Aitkin area. Third party aide would be extremely helpful in a fairly desperate domestic situation that cannot continue as is. Funds are limited, so looking for something cost effective. Catholic Charities no longer offers sliding scale counseling, currently investigating United Way.
Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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