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Work done for UMA:

  • The department of psychology at Unidad Medica is dedicated to provide high quality services in the tranquility of the patient and so sure, empatique and centered on each individuate own necessities, whatever their country of origin.
  • After analysis of the patient's problems, we propose a treatment plan according to its necessities, constaments adapted to advances in medicines, neurociencie, psicoterapie, psicosomátique (mental-corp connection) and psychopharmacology.
  • We're counting in the department personnel specialized in psicodiagnóstique, neuropsicologie, psicoterapie and psicologiques intervencions múltiples. More we realize batteries of tests for detection of learning problems in children and adolescents.

Dra. Raquel Muñoz Meizoso

  • Degree in Psicologie Clinic. Comillas University / Icade, Madrid.
  • Master in CLINICAL AND PSICOTERAPIE of orientacion Psicoanalítique UNIVERSITY COMILLAS / Icade / Elipsis.
  • Specialization courses for profesionels health:
  • "Psychiatric Care of the medically ill, " Revision of medicine psycosomatique. MASS GENERAL HOSPITAL, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.
  • Entrenement in techniques for handling stress, loosening it restructuracions cognitive. BENSON HARVARD INSTITUTE FOR MIND AND BODY MEDICINE.
  • Psicopharmacologie in reception during the first annual update. MASS.GENERAL-HOSPITAL HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL.

Dra. Alexandra Pardos Veglia, Neuropsychology

  • Degree in Psicologie Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • Master in Early focus: Prevention, Early Detection and in children 0-6 years operation. Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Master in Neuropsicologique Evaluation and Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders and (or) learning. CENOP, Montreal, Canadá.
  • PhD Psicologie scalable, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. / Theses in progress /
  • Specialization courses for health profesionals:
  • "Changing Course pipes for Children" Psicológique Therapy and Education Center, APSITED, Madrid.
  • "Intervention Clinic Children First", Sophia Antipolis University, France.
  • "Introduction to Autism" Training Course for Proffessional, APNA, Madrid.
  • "Internships neuropsicologique assessment and followed by premature. Sainte-Justine Hospital, Montreal, Canadá.


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I need counseling for free/cheap

2006-02-26 15:47:24 by biber87

Does anybody know of any places in Boston that offer free or very cheap counseling services? i am in a risky relationship and we need help badly. i think i need some general family-related therapy as well as relationship counseling. any advice at all would be hugely appreciated. please help if you can. thank you.

Please read

2007-04-04 16:43:32 by BullDog98

Suicide Prevention
National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE
SF Bay Area Suicide Hotlines & Resources
NYC Suicide Prevention - (212) 673-3000
Boston Suicide Prevention - (617) 247-0220
Los Angeles Suicide Hotline - (310) 391-1253
Befrienders International - click here to learn about sending email inquiries
suicide..? read this first
Domestic Violence
La Casa de las Madres
SF Woman Against Rape
Safe Network - directories and links
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Positive Resource Center -

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The family went through counseling and Harry said they're been dragged through the wringer after the murder, trial and multiple sentencing hearings. Sivak looked .. After Michael Sivak retired from the Air Force, the family moved to Boise.

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