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Child and Family Therapist in Laveen and Glendale, Arizona

The Resource The Description Aid to Women Center 480-966-1902 2039 S. Mill Ave Tempe, AZ 85282 It offers free pregnancy tests and a large number of pregnancy and prenatal services, free. They also offer education and support to women and families with unplanned pregnancies, education abortion procedures and risks, adoption information, education on sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and abstinence, support and healing after abortion, evaluation and medical services and recommendation of services. AmeriPsych 602-728-0630 Family Services offers counseling and parenting classes, and other family support services at low cost. Arizona 2-1-1 (Community Information & Referral) 2-1-1 Provides information and recommendations to various community resources 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Arizona Center for Responsible Fathers 602-234-3941 x28 700 West Campbell Ave, # 3 Phoenix, AZ 85013 Offers free classes for parents responsible, 1 and 2 days each week to parents over 18 years. Graduates receive a certificate gift card. It also offers free economic stability (employment assistance) and class behavior modification. Arizona Child Care Resource & Referral 800-308-9000 Provides free information on training and community resources for child care providers and community early childhood via phone or searching online. Arizona Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic 480-282-8778 6100 W. Gila Springs Place, Suite 19 Chandler, AZ 85226 Services include individual counseling, couples, premarital, family and group reduced fees (starting at $ 35/hour). Phoenix Arizona Baptist Children's Services 602-346-2300 It offers low-cost counseling ($ 40 - $ 80/sesión) to children and adults. It also offers a large selection of classes and resources for parents. First Things Benevilla & Family Resource Center 623-207-6016 Resource specialists at the Center for Family Resources offer free classes for parents, a library and other free resources for families living in the West Valley. Buckeye Outreach for Social Services (BOSS) 623-386-6365 It offers sub jobs for people employed and unemployed, job training and daily life, computer training, programs for after school, GED classes and tests, diapers and clothing bank free, free loan of medical equipment for 90 days youth and adults, drug and alcohol classes and counseling for parents and youth. It offers a communal garden with raised beds (4 x 10) available for rent at $ 50 per year. Care 1st Avondale Resource Center 623-333-2703 This location houses multiple social service agencies, each has its own eligibility criteria. Please call for details. There must be a resident of Avondale to access these services. Catholic Charities Community Services 602-285-1999 4747 N. 7th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85013 It offers a wide variety of community services, including counseling individually a sliding scale fee and free counseling on pregnancy.


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Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans Free Counseling

2007-11-15 15:12:31 by MR19

In Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties (Texas) The Samaritan Counseling Center is offering FREE counseling for those who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and their families. We received a private grant to provide these services and we do not have a session limit. Family members that qualify include: parents, children, siblings, spouses, and partners.
For more information please call (512) 451-7337 or email

Hospice counseling free

2009-08-15 11:19:15 by gopsux

Hospice care also helps the patient deal with end-of-life issues emotionally and spiritually. Counselors and spiritual advisers are usually part of the treatment team, and help the family as well. Many hospice services even provide bereavement services and counseling to the family after the patient's death.
Hospice care is generally free of charge to the patient if he or she is covered by Medicare Part A. It is also covered by most insurance companies and Medicaid. Very few patients have any out-of-pocket expenses for hospice services.

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A divided federal appeals court has ruled that government employees involved in sensitive but noncritical national security work aren't entitled to a key civil service protection available to other government..

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Wadsworth Publishing Family Therapy: An Overview
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    Dec 04, 2007 by Steve | Posted in Other - Germany

    Do Christians priests voice their opinion in the media more than they do in the U.S.? I have this quote that sort of leads me to believe so:

    "Today they (Protestant Church) address the public in many ways, …nd labor market policy, abortion and protection of the environment. "

    I understand there is a separation of church and state but it seems like they have alot of freedom in voicing themself to the government.

    • I was just in Germany, and I took a tour of Berlin. The tour guide said that when you move to Berlin, you have to state what your religion is. If you say you are Catholic, you pay taxes to support the Catholic churches and other buildings. If you say you are Jewish, your tax dollars support those buildings. The tour guide said a lot of people claim to be atheists because then there are no church taxes!

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    When she was in her mom's stomach her mom had breast cancer. Three weeks later her mom died. Plus she was 2 months premature.

    • She should be concerned about hereditary breast cancer in this situation, since her mom had breast cancer less than 50 (assumption admittedly, but not a lot of pregnant 50 yr olds out there!). Her risk without knowing an … of the breast at her age is extremely unlikely and even within the next 15-20 yrs is unlikely.

      Best thing for her to do is discuss with her pediatrician and seek referral to a genetics counselling center.

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    Ok i was watching channel 20 (church channel) they were talknig about how obama is saying marica is no longer a christian country and how he is trying to abolish christianity and become communist and a facist country... i honestly beleave that. he has done nothing but horrible shit to our country. what do y'all think? No flame will be reported for random flaming comments for points.

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      I myself am part white and understand the frustrations you have, but I took a college course on multicultural America and it helped me see why our country's the way it is.