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Regarding the Tragedy in Connecticut
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You May have heard about the school shooting That occurred today, Dec. 14, in Newtown, Connecticut. Our hearts go out to Those Affected by This horrific event.

I want to Emphasize That our schools are safe, students and families are not alone, and our staff members care.

Although this is an isolated event That happened far away from Aurora Public Schools, news of this nature-especially in light of the summer tragedy in our city - may be disturbing for students and families. If your children express concern, Please reassure them That They are safe. If you would like assistance connecting with a counselor, please contact staff at your children's school or Aurora Mental Health at 303-617-2300.

This news May raise Concerns or questions acerca safety at our schools. We want to reassure students, parents and our community That our staff members are Committed to keeping our schools safe and providing our students With The best education possible.

As a reminder, in the event of an emergency, our schools and sites have strong Safety measures in place, including:

  • Current lockdown and evacuation plans
  • Regular lockdown and evacuation drills
  • Strong visitor management policies
  • Security cameras in strategic places
  • Participation in Local agencies with emergency drills
  • Sending informational updates to parents via phone, e-mail and text messages. Please be sure That your child's school has current contact information on file.

The Aurora Police Department has assured us not That There Have Been Threats to schools in Aurora. If you see more police officers in the area, please do not be alarmed. Aurora police are Increasing Their Presence in our neighborhoods as a precaution in response to the tragedy in Connecticut.

Together we will continue to keep our schools safe.

Thank you for your support.

- Superintendent John L. Barry

You may have heard about the school shooting that occurred today December 14, at Newton Connecticut. Our hearts go out to those affected by this horrible event.

I want to emphasize that our schools are safe for students and families are not alone and our staff members are aware.


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