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Child psychiatry department at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital families of patients with ADHD-1 2005 References Amendment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder awareness and treatment

"My children do not pay attention, do their homework to touch on quite a while, unable to sit still."
"Teachers complain about my kids school look around, running around, very skin."
"My children energetic, not a moment to be quiet."

Every day, like parents complained to child mental clinics, some were repeated requests from teachers, some spontaneously come, either from yourself or request, all in all, the sooner problems are detected, the sooner the better deal . Situation described above, although close to the symptoms of hyperactive children, but if not duly psychological and developmental assessment, it is best not to give children wear casual labels, especially the lack of rules in this area, newly enrolled children may produce similar hyperactive children of the phenomenon should not be confused, so not only can not help the child, but also increased distress.

§ hyperactive child syndrome diagnostic criteria

According to the U.S. diagnostic criteria for mental disorders (DSM-IV), to comply with the following symptoms, onset before age of seven, in two or more different places (eg: school, home, workplace), and result in social, academic, vocational functional damage, and also not due to other development disorders, mental illness caused, before they can call it lack of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder), the so-called "hyperactive disorder." Commonly known as "hyperactive child", the main problem in three dimensions: concentration or excessive activity, impulsive behavior.

1, inattention can not concentrate to complete a task or game; outside what a sound or irritation, immediately be transferred; For static games are often not complete, do their homework or play attention to detail can not be compared often due to carelessness or mistake, and can not be done from scratch tail, the need for sustained focus on the spirit of things, such as homework, will evade or refuse to do; work or activities necessary things, I do not know in there, in serious cases, with daily routine will also forget things.

2, excessive activity on their reviews are mostly "lively", "naughty", and often there is no way to see the good in his chair, not the hands and feet, twisting the body, that is restless, leaving class seat, run around, jump up and down; restless, can not engage in sedentary activities, yes many, often twitter stop talking.


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Well I completely agree with trusting your

2009-11-13 14:51:07 by problem-solved

Therapist, know that if SHE cannot fix you there are other options. Everyone deserves and can achieve happiness and calm in life, you are no exception. Congitive behavioral therapy is an alternative to psychoanalytic therapy: both are proven to work over time so there is no reason to stop what you are doing, but if you feel it isn't getting you there you do have options.
I also wonder if you may need anti-depressents to calm the storm of pain/worry.
Also, I think I've mentioned this to you already, but I'm doing my second set of foster care training this weekend and should have my first placement in the next two weeks

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“[T]hey've had problems for a long time and have been separated for months,” a so-called family friend reveals. .. The 40-year-old manchild was also ordered to complete an anger management course and attend 52 sessions of psychological counseling.

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