Child and Family Counseling Program

Initiatives of the Family Counseling C. Cutters of BERGAMO

The Family Counseling C. Masons of the "Guardian Angel Foundation Onlus" (association of family solidarity non-profit, registered at regional, sponsored by lay Christian communities to help families and their educational role) OFFERS FREE (being an accredited facility) an accurate and complete expressly dedicated to pregnancy and post-partum, which provides:



si struttura in 8 incontri, 2 dei quali tenuti dalla psicologa. ACCOMPANYING THE COURSE AT BIRTH is divided into 8 sessions, 2 of which are held by the psychologist. The themes are inherent in the path of the pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, breastfeeding, life after the birth of the boy / girl.
There will also be the opportunity to make a tour of the delivery room of Bergamo Hospital, also in the presence of fathers, led by the midwife of the course. Please telephone To book around the 20th week of gestation.
The path to accompany the birth ends with a meeting after the birth of children, in which they can compare between mothers, along with their children, the experience of childbirth and the first few days at home.
Il Consultorio Familiare C. PATH BIRTH: FREE HOME CARE AFTER CHILDBIRTH The Family Counseling C. Cutters of Bergamo offers a free service to your door. The "Path birth" is a program of assistance to mothers and infants at home by midwives assured of Counseling. Provides: verification of the clinical course of postpartum is the infant / to both the mother and the support and advice to the new mother and the father for the care of the newborn / a; support for breastfeeding, to do with the first bath of the newborn, to assess the progress of the first days, but also to provide information on services available. For example, with a few encounters resolve some problems that, if left unattended, prevent the continuation of breastfeeding.
The birth of a baby is certainly an event full of joys and emotions, but also constitutes a critical period of adaptation and involves many changes in family relationships, the emotional experience and the organizational and practical aspects within the family. During the early months of child's life you often find yourself alone to face all this, without support and comparison. Our meetings after childbirth want to offer a space for parents and their children, they grow together, find support, sharing and approval. Allowing also to discover and strengthen their parenting skills and Dealing with the problems of everyday life and share them with others parents.
The meetings held by a psychologist and a midwife, are open to single parents and / or in pairs, eager to meet and exchange ideas with each other to deal with the first doubts and be able to hone their skills in being mother and father.
It 'a space for meeting with friends and to share warm and supportive, listen, explore.
The meetings are held on Tuesday mornings, and access is free throughout the morning from 10.30 to 12.00, you are free to stay with your child as long as you want.
Throughout the morning the midwife Sara Ferreri is available as well as a breastfeeding counseling also to weigh children.
Also at the disposal of new mothers there will also be a psychologist Valeria Perego for an hour between 11.00 and 12.00.


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Some feedback...

2006-07-24 15:48:41 by DznyFan

You need to figure out what you want to do for the long term. If you are interested in marriage/child/family/couples counseling, say in a private practice or clinic, then the MFT degree is the way to go. Getting a job is only an issue if your Master's program isn't approved by the BBS. Most places don't look at the degree, they look at the licensure.
Psy.D/Ph.D. programs are another route and you may make more money in clinics (but for at least in So. Cal, the difference isn't THAT substantial!) and you have the ability to teach at universities with this degree.
Start at www

Help - considering graduate school in Psychology

2006-07-24 13:24:54 by in-Berkeley-Area

Hi guys, I know some of you might know the answers (TR26, tlbrink, and others).
Here is the deal: I want to do counseling: marriage and family, possibly children (as some might remember, I asked a bunch of questions a couple months ago).
UC Berkeley does not have the correct program, their Psy is research-oriented. JFK has a cool MFT program and an interesting PsyD, but they only offer afternoon/evening classes, and it won't work for me as I am a sinlge parent with a child in elementary school. Grrrr -- why don't they have morning classes?! Anyway.
My questions:
1: How good is Argosy? How is it regarded? Would it be harder to get a job with a degree from Argosy rather than from JFK? Are their programs challenging and interesting with most classes being online?

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