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Allowing children to participate in the grieving process
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A few decades ago, children did not usually attend funerals often. It was thought that it was necessary to protect them from the pain of losing a loved one. And as Americans began to live longer, the need to address the subject of death began to be postponed, since many grandparents have lived to old age much longer.

Recently, however, the opposite view - that children should be so involved with the grieving process as adults - began to gain ground, reflecting an increasingly common belief that it is better for children than sorrow be recognized and that they feel authorized to cry in the company of relatives and friends.

The centers of mourning for children are an example: there are now more than 300 such centers counseling nonprofit. In 2002 there were 204. And Donna Schuurman, executive director of the Dougy Center for Grieving Children and Families, located in Portland, Oregon, who helped create these centers, estimates that there are at least 150 other coaching programs nationwide that have a similar function. The increase in palliative care institutions that provide bereavement services for families, including children, has also played a role, as well as camps to which children while going through the process of mourning.

'Twenty-five years ago, the grief of children used to be invisible to people, "said Vicky Ott, executive director of Fernside a nonprofit center for Cincinnati to 1, 300 children and adults attended last year. It was thought, she said, they were 'tough, they would recover, we did not have to talk to them about death. I think it has changed a lot. '

David Horst's experience supports this transformation. When his wife, Jennifer, was about to die of leukemia in 2010, employees of home hospice encouraged him to prepare their children for their mother's death. Two months before his death, Horst, a seller of antiques from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, who is now 40, began to read books like 'Our life: how to explain death to children in a beautiful way' for children 5 and six years. He did not hesitate to cry in front of them - in fact, he wept 'time', he said. And he led them to a group in a Community Centre for Palliative Care in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Kalim Bhatti / The New York Times

Without the incentive of house staff palliative care, he never would have prepared the children in this way, said Horst. But he began to understand that avoiding it would be a mistake. 'In the long term, would be harmful to children, "said Horst, who recently set up a foundation in honor of his wife. 'We must face the situation head on.'

On the day of the funeral, as he sat at the tomb of the wife with the child in her arms, her son said, 'You know, Dad, Mom will never suffer, right? The cancer eventually '. It was then that Horst understood that the child had absorbed what he was trying to pass him.


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M.Ed., Counseling

2005-07-22 21:32:13 by QuakingAspen

Portland State University offers a little known M.Ed., Counseling to which you can add various areas of study such as MFT or Oregon drug and alcohol certification. You absolutely can be reimbursed by insurance as a counselor. You have to work for it (applying to be included on insurance panels) and have better chances if you offer something extra, such as speaking a language besides english or specializing in child wellness. MFT can be difficult because insurance doesn't want to reimburse couple's counseling, but they will quickly pay out for the well-being of the family or children.
Once you are licensed (2 years to become an LPC, 3 years to become a MFT) you do not need to be supervised

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“[T]hey've had problems for a long time and have been separated for months,” a so-called family friend reveals. .. The 40-year-old manchild was also ordered to complete an anger management course and attend 52 sessions of psychological counseling.

Portland Public Schools Touchstone Project final evaluation report, October 1, 1994-September 30, 1996 (SuDoc ED 1.310/2:412485)
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Child & Family Psychologists | Plantation, FL
Child & Family Psychologists | Plantation, FL
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