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Women more than men and less is the fact that many of the church, while a large number of " left women "made some believers can not help but think: men with non-Christian marriage is not a bad idea too? New York Redeemer Presbyterian Church 's (Redeemer Presbyterian Church) Pastor Tim ‧ Mrs. Casey Keller quote " the Bible "Scripture said:" Christian and non- Christian marriage is not going to work. " Mrs. Casey to help church members often deal with believers and unbelievers marital relations. " The Bible "teaches" believe it or not, should not be yoked together , "Casey said when a believer's heart already belongs to unbelievers, then ask him to practice the Bible which teaches some of the non-negotiable principles to redouble difficult.

She analyzes the marriage with unbelievers will bring three possible outcomes, but no one is happy. The first is to maintain coordination and spouses in their daily lives, Christians had to put him in marriage on his life a secondary position, which will affect the original godly life, tithing, as well as raising children and other believers traffic.

The second possible outcome is just the opposite. If a party to insist on believers to maintain a healthy life of faith, then the other would be marginalized and left out in disguise, such as not together devotions, fellowship and participation in various activities related to faith.

The last one is one of the parties to make compromises, but the result is likely to bring a marriage break, because then there is one "throw in the towel, " but it would only make the parties more lonely hearts or mistreated. And when this pressure reaches a limit, it will come to emotional breakdown.

Casey's "unequal negative choke" not only talking about those who believe and do not believe the combination, but also the real Christians desire and spiritual life is still very immature, that is a large gap between the two sides of the maturity of faith duo combined. She believes that these "unequal marriage, " The best way is to listen more to their pastoral voices realize they rebelled against God's teachings because of the suffering caused, and invite them to receive targeted professional counseling.

People often mistakenly think that can change each other in marriage, but marriage counseling division, is also "Marriage for Today: A Practical Guide for Couples" ‧ author Mike Fox (Mike Fox) said: This "change" refers not only to the character and emotions as they apply in the spiritual life. If a "change each other's spiritual condition" as reasons for marrying, the result will only backfire. He reminded Christians "should never be changed after each other with the idea of marriage into the marriage hall."


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Its my turn to die, Pt 3

2012-10-20 20:19:28 by Geekasaurus

With all the health matters posted, here is where my story gets interesting.
I am a Christian. I am one of those Evangelical Fundamentalists whom everyone seems to hate so much. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 16. A few months after that, I went to Central America and vaccinated more than 1000 children. Two years later, I went back to Nicaragua and vaccinated more than 5000 children in 6 weeks. I can say that I saved the lives of thousands of children while I was still in High School.
In my Senior Year at college (1979), I was invited to a small, Evangelical Fundamental church

Report: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones take a time out  —
“[T]hey've had problems for a long time and have been separated for months,” a so-called family friend reveals. .. The 40-year-old manchild was also ordered to complete an anger management course and attend 52 sessions of psychological counseling.

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