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'était vendredi 7, septième séance de supervision en groupe pour le master Coaching à Paris II. That was Friday 7, the seventh session of group supervision for Master Coaching at Paris II. And that night, I chose a topic that many have not liked too deep: the manipulation in all its forms, I handle you, I handle, I let myself be manipulated ...
And to walk with them on this subject, I have enjoyed sharing a unique way to support: the supervisor supervised.
And that they enjoyed.
That way of support, inspired by family therapy when the two-way mirror breaks, I like to practice, refine it, with Eva in our workshops and conferences in duo: Being accompanied to accompany a little or a lot passionately or not at all ...

Master 2 Coaching Paris II
Supervisory peer group - Session 7
Be manipulated to handle ... carefully

1. Journey in itself and a time

Supervision is not to refuel at the bottom, but rather to evacuate.
So, let come to you, right now, all the situations that you tangled and annoy you. Welcome tonight to all nodes bags, yours and all your customers like knitting with you.

2. A way of being and not

Hypothesis: We have a familiar way of relating, but not so familiar to the natural background. A way that is woven over the years to come to terms with each other to kind to the environment.
It's also a whole staging sometimes.
And with that way we handle each other and we manipulate ourselves.
But ultimately it becomes anachronistic and painful.
So, one day or the other, just the desire to drop it all. But at the same time, it hurts to let it out. Because they believe that that way is so.

My desire tonight journey together to learn how to update this way to handle. And why, when we support, love let us handle for a moment and, for that we support. And then take care to trace the origins.
As an expedition in childhood.

3. Practicum: be accompanied to accompany


I coach a client + + a supervisor now
As a live supervision.

I like to draw here of family therapy:

Two therapists: one in the presence of family and the other behind the one-way mirror.
ici, il n'y a pas de glace sans tain pour se cacher, alors mon superviseur il sera là, à côté de moi. But here there is no way mirror to hide, then my supervisor will be there next to me.


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Using a different computer these days

2008-12-19 21:18:15 by SteamHeat

I don't have all the links readily available-sorry. But others here like cdub or MsPittyPat or Metri may have some. You can also Google.
PBS has had a series about the brain that was helpful. But it is also like curriculum that needs to be individualized so you play to a person's strengths rather tha disabilities.
I found Scrabble and Anagrams useful activities. Also homemade jigsaw puzzles from 8x10 photographs of family, friends, and familiar places are helpful. Songs and music therapy is great. Making lists together is mind exercise. Even some card games or other games can be fun learning activities

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