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Systemic family therapy

Family therapy: they are defined as a psychotherapeutic treatment studies initially communication and interaction patterns that have been in a family.
It is realized that these modes of communication that can be offered to improve relations in the family working on a single approach, but not the whole group.

Systems would be: on a system as a whole.
Systems theory was born of a mathematical model reported human groups. This is the biologist Ludwig von Bertalanffy who first worked on the (economic, mathematical and computational work on the functioning of biological systems) "General Systems Theory" This is a set of objects that are the components of the system and the relationship of objects and object properties. This is the relationship that would hold the system.
A brand is therefore not only a sum of unit.

"This is a set of interrelated elements, ie linked by relations such that if one is changed, the others will too, and that, therefore, the whole is transformed" (1)

The concepts of systems theory is at the intersection of two theories: that of communication about the work of G. Bateson (as well as those of P. Walzlawick, J. Haley etc..) And the systems theory.

An application of these theories in the field of family therapy gives rise to what we now call the Palo Alto. In 1956, the team put forward the theory of double bond or double bind (double bind) which is a pathological system of family relationships in which emit conflicting messages.

In France, strongly psychoanalytic brakes were many for the development of this therapy. In Europe, however, there arose in Italy Community systemic therapy (Mr. Andolfi) and the genogram (family tree of the family with health problems, accidents, etc..) Developed by S. Montagano.
The systemic approach applied to natural groups such as the family, the couple was introduced in France by JC Benedict

The family seems like an open and all members are in constant interrelation but also in relation to the external system.
Jackson realized that if the state of a patient in the family improved, this had repercussions on the general state of the family. (Family homeostasis). Homeostasis is a regulation that allows the system to maintain its balance, its survival in a changing environment.

There are several systemic family therapy concepts:
- The paradoxical communication in a family communication, relationships are in the mode of bind doubble (see above) are contradictory injunctions to which no satisfactory answer is possible.
- The designated patient: one person in the family is identified as sick and becomes a carrier of the symptomatology of the group. This is homeostasis system depends of the patient.
- The intergenerational transmission: It would be based on a theory of Mr. Bowen, as a result of a malfunction of three generations be born psychosis in an individual.
- The concept of circularity
- The therapist is not an observer, it is also an actor
- Multicausality
- The family is a living system, organized and adaptable


(1) Von Bertalanffy L. The theory of systems, Wiley, Paris, 1973.


University Press of America Systems Theory and Family Therapy: A Primer
Book (University Press of America)

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Some answers

2007-12-09 20:24:54 by tlbrink

Uses free association & analyzes the patient's resistances and transferences
== sounds Freudian, so think psychoanalytic or psychodynamic (broader term)
uses a number of dramatic techniques to bring up "unfinished business" and resolve these issues in the "here-and-now"
== sounds like Perls (Gestalt) but might fit some existentialists
examines the dysfunctional automatic thoughts that lead to negative emotional states
== more cognitive (Beck, Ellis)
is interested in examining the person' responsibility in making life choices as well as exploring their struggle with confronting death, meaninglessness, etc

Children Suffer from Effects of Domestic Violence Murders in Downers Grove ..  — Chicago Tribune
Our individual, family and group counseling services help children deal with the effects of trauma and the resultant sense of confusion, loss and distress.

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