Marriage and Family Counseling Degree

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality
Graduate Counseling | Trevecca Nazarene University

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part I.
Gloria Montoya Echeverri. Lawyer of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, specializing in Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Medellin and magister in Litigation from the same university, MA in Law from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. She is the author of the texts Introduction to Family Law, and State Constitutional Jeopardy, and several articles have been published in journals. Teaching undergraduate college, graduate and masters.
Rocío García Pineda. Is Social Research with Specialization in Social Research and a Masters in Gender and Public Policy. Ministry of Gender Equality for Women.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part II. Angela Maria Quintero Velasquez. Social Worker and Master in Education "Guidance and Counseling" at the Faculty of Education at the University of Antioquia, Medellin and works in the Master of Family Therapy in two modules: Systemic Analysis and Response Organizations No Clinical Contexts. Questions to the speakers.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part III. Laura Fernanda Gomez Ramirez. Lawyer of the Catholic University of Colombia, Administrative Law Specialist Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Specialist in Government and Regional Development Management and Municipal Catholic University of Colombia, in charge of building the regulatory framework for Public Policy for Families of Bogotá, researcher on issues of Gender and Sexuality Law from the regulatory approach and other issues such as prostitution and social services, State Procurement expert and currently advisor to the District Department of Social Integration.
Hernando Muñoz Sánchez. Degree in educational administration, professional social work, family specialist, specialist in social research and development in cooperation magister and doctoral candidate in gender. University Professor.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part IV.
Maria Victoria Street Correa. Lawyer of the University of Medellin, with specialization in Labour Law and Industrial Relations External University of Colombia and Administrative Law at the University of Santo Tomas. Master in Administrative Law External University of Colombia. Colombian Constitutional Court Judge. Questions to the speakers.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part V. Research Report on Seed Research in Family Law-SIDeFa.
Robert Uribe Alvarez. Lawyer, Master in Criminal Law EAFIT University, Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) program "Legal Liability. Multidisciplinary Perspective ", head of university education department of the Faculty of Law of the UdeA. University professor and researcher.


Three Rivers Press Success Without College: Why Your Child May Not Have to Go to College Right Now--and May Not Have to Go At All
Book (Three Rivers Press)

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I have a question about marriage counseling

2005-01-25 19:50:21 by evanmaddiemom

I asked a few threads down, don't know if it'll get seen, so..........
Someone asked about if you're happy in your marriage. I could say I'm content now, for the most part. We fight a lot. The day I got married I felt I was making a huge mistake--we were doing it because I was pregnant. He's an alcoholic, was on a two year binge. Finally cleaned up his act in 2001 when I was back in college working toward my degree. He realized I was serious about leaving him and taking our son with me. It'll be four years now in April (wow) since he quit, but I still have a lot of burning resentment toward him

Long post... marriage counseling

2008-08-04 11:01:17 by rsnelson

I think its finally time to invest some money (that I dont have extra of) on a really good marriage/family counselor! Me and my husband have too many problems and I'm getting extremely tired of it!
If its not one thing its another.
Divorce hasn't really been an option for me, but just lately I've thought about how miserable my life is now and I notice that there isn't too much he's willing to do to make that better or even try!
He always throws that at me when we have a huge arguement... if I want a divorce, because he "doesn't want to stop me if that's what I want" and he says that he'd never leave me but he doesnt want to stop me from leaving! Is he full of shit?!?!
I have a 3 yo daughter from a previous relationship, we have a 5 mo baby together and he has two...

Children Suffer from Effects of Domestic Violence Murders in Downers Grove ..  — Chicago Tribune
Our individual, family and group counseling services help children deal with the effects of trauma and the resultant sense of confusion, loss and distress.

SAGE Publications, Inc Families and Change: Coping with Stressful Events and Transitions
Book (SAGE Publications, Inc)
How to Initiate a Conversation
How to Initiate a Conversation
Family And Marriage Counseling
Family And Marriage Counseling
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family counseling part -3(HARICHANDHANA MADOMR J IYER)
Christian Counseling - Family - Addiction - Glendora, Azusa, La
Christian Counseling - Family - Addiction - Glendora, Azusa, La ...

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  • Avatar Ashley L What careers are out there that work with autistic and down syndrome children?
    May 19, 2009 by Ashley L | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    I am a junior in college and my major is Special Education. I want to teach special education, but I was thinking about continuing my education and getting a masters in Psychology. My dream job would be working with autistic or down syndrome children in the hospital atmosphere. Do you know of any other careers other than Special Education? Thanks =)

    • Still within special education is "gifted" teacher. In my experience many of the "gifted" children have a form of autism called Asperger Syndrome, which is what makes them "gifted" in certai …own syndrome and autism. It would probably be good for you to apply as a camp counselor and work at one of these for the summer to be sure this is the right path for you. Plus it would give you experience for the resume.

  • Avatar ebennett54 How important is proper death notification to a family of a loved one important to that family's grieving?
    Feb 04, 2007 by ebennett54 | Posted in Law & Ethics

    I am seeking a response from a trained grief therapist. My family found out about the murders of our daughter and two grandchildren when an attorney blurted it out in court. The murderer (the attorney's client) was on tr …elf. It was as if we were devastated twice. We have yet to receive an apology from the attorney. I believe the callous way in which the news was delivered is hampering our healing. Am I right? It's been 8 months now....

    • Try rewriting this question in the Psychology section, where you might have better luck finding someone qualified to discuss this horrible ordeal.

      Such a callous and cold man....but he's an attorney.
      …hs is a long time to feel the way you've been feeling, so take action.... you have been sitting in this pain for too long.
      It's time to move on. That's what your daughter would have wanted, right?