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Today, in the world of psychology there are several guidelines and methods that simply are different, including Systemic Psychology is to analyze the interactions within a family or couple in context.
When we understand system as a set of interrelated elements. Thus, the term relates to family system, so that the family is a group of members who are related to each other and with the environment around them.
Systemic psychology, modify the therapeutic approach as to how to do it and the role of the psychologist, discloses therapies that are used in therapeutic practice on the individual, family, psychopathological processes and context today.


In the years 1950-1960 some therapists trained in marriage counseling and child guidance began to include other family members in therapy, to increase understanding of the problem of the individual and facilitate treatment.
At the end of the 30 are created in the U.S., the first family associations (there are currently as AAMFT: American Association for Mariage and Family Therapy).
Despite this, it was a psychoanalyst, Ackerman (1937), study the problems of the miners and their families, and the father as unemployment caused changes in family life. Published an article ("The family as a social unit and emotional") which is often cited as a precursor of the thesis that family attitudes may influence the symptoms of one of the members.
The dominant line was Fromm's psychoanalysis, Sullivan, Horney that emphasized psychosocial origin psychic conflicts, such as the family liaison for the internalization of certain value orientations "pathological" social members. Concepts emerged from this perspective:
• Fromm-Reichman (1948) concept of "schizophrenogenic mother."
• Rosen (1953) concept of "evil mother".
Explain both the origin and maintenance of psychopathology as schizophrenia.
• Another family therapy predecessor was Bell began to use joint interviews for the treatment of childhood problems, and had considerable success.
• But the most serious early family therapy are attributed to Gregory Bateson at (Hospital Palo Alto USA): Research on communication between the schizophrenic and his family, generates its double bind theory explaining to schizophrenia as a desperate attempt to fit a family system with inconsistent communication styles and performs individual symptom over the system.
In the early 70 expands the systemic family therapy model-communications. Proliferation phase begins school, collection of anomalies and limitations.


Three dominant schools:
1. The International School of MRI (Mental Research Institute) (Palo Alto):
Interactional School of the Mental Research Institute (MRI), which is the second generation of the Palo Alto. For them, the solutions attempted by families to handle situations become real problems and therefore interventions are aimed to eliminate, with two distinctions, Change-1, which follow the logic, to try the opposite problem, without modifying the system. And the Changes-2, which are guided by common sense and changes in the family. This applies both collectively, and individually.


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Marriage and family therapy

2004-12-09 11:21:03 by eldnahym

I will be moving to california from DC, so i'm not exactly sure which geographical area. i am making sure that whatever program i do leads to certification, etc.
it's important to me that the degree is in counseling psychology, not just counseling or marriage and family therapy. the counseling psych degree is more viable for further study (ph.d., etc). USC is the other school I'm looking at. not a lot of places have counseling psychology, but SCU does, hence the interest.

Children Suffer from Effects of Domestic Violence Murders in Downers Grove ..  — Chicago Tribune
Our individual, family and group counseling services help children deal with the effects of trauma and the resultant sense of confusion, loss and distress.

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Family Counseling Experiencial Interaction Therapy.avi
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    May 19, 2009 by Ashley L | Posted in Other - Careers & Employment

    I am a junior in college and my major is Special Education. I want to teach special education, but I was thinking about continuing my education and getting a masters in Psychology. My dream job would be working with autistic or down syndrome children in the hospital atmosphere. Do you know of any other careers other than Special Education? Thanks =)

    • Still within special education is "gifted" teacher. In my experience many of the "gifted" children have a form of autism called Asperger Syndrome, which is what makes them "gifted" in certai …own syndrome and autism. It would probably be good for you to apply as a camp counselor and work at one of these for the summer to be sure this is the right path for you. Plus it would give you experience for the resume.

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    • Try rewriting this question in the Psychology section, where you might have better luck finding someone qualified to discuss this horrible ordeal.

      Such a callous and cold man....but he's an attorney.
      …hs is a long time to feel the way you've been feeling, so take action.... you have been sitting in this pain for too long.
      It's time to move on. That's what your daughter would have wanted, right?