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None of the evolving interactions of an individual is more important than what takes place within the family, so it is quite evident that the analysis of virtually any social problems through the study of this work and first context.

However, the first difficulty arises when trying to define exactly the term 'family' to analyze the reality around us we can see that this label is ambiguous and leads to multiple interpretations: extended family, nuclear, single parent, retreats factual and up people living alone. Let us, however, understanding of the term that makes the Council of Europe, "all persons who usually live under the same roof and, on the other hand, are linked together by ties of kinship, affinity, affection or of friendship. " From a psychological standpoint, this description could be completed with consideration of the family as "a relational system and articulates each other than the individual components (Andolfi 1984).

The recognition and promotion of the family (family unit horn) and psychosocial life support individuals and as a unit of intervention, both preventive and palliative, it is a fact long tradition in Europe. In Spain, only a decade ago, is coming back to rescue the term family of outdated concepts that were preventing global protection of the same in favor of the classic social protection sectors. This new appreciation of the family coincides with a change in values ​​and traditional models: not only the passage of the extended family to the nuclear, but the emergence of almost 10 100 single parents (Castellanos, 1989), a number of more people living alone, increased teen birth, decreased fertility, etc..

On the other hand, in 'Today a large part of the benefits, programs and social resources and are generally directed to the family rather than the individual. Home care services, family education, prevention of abuse or drug rehabilitation are some examples of the new role that is taking family work and consideration of this as a user of the service.

However, the situation is not promising. Families need and demand some community based services, and multi-normalizing, as the Family Guidance Centers (CDF), in order to be oriented in solving their problems. The situation of these centers or services-as discussed below-is far from acceptable.

It is conceivable that the role of family counseling can be carried out by a specific professional (counselor, or family counselor) or as a function over other professionals (specialization of psychologists, social workers, etc..). Each option has strong implications: in one case we will talk about a new profession and the other from a new specialization degree or diploma. These two points of view, very contradictory, because current frameworks coexist in training family counselors.

Professor JA family guidance Ríos defined as "the set of techniques designed to strengthen the capacity, obvious and latent, that aim to strengthen the ties between members of the same family system, so that resulting healthy, effective and capable of stimulating personal growth of the members and all the emotional context that receives them "(Rios Gonzalez, 1984).


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