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Gutierrez Visits Seattle | OneAmerica

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama promised many things to the immigrant community, treats including passing immigration reform in his first year in office. Instead of succeeding on this count, his administration has Detained or Deported nearly one million immigrants in his first two years.

These policies are breaking apart mixed-status families. And Those families are speaking out.

Over 900 fired-up residents from across Washington State - Including Mount Vernon, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Walla Walla, and Yakima - joined a rally at Seattle's Town Hall on June 26 th to send a clear message to the President: provide relief to our families Who Have deep ties to the United States.

OneAmerica, as part of our Democracy Summer , welcomed Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez to Seattle for the event. Gutierrez not only dealer to Illinois' 4th District in Chicago but has been a powerful voice for immigrants and Latinos nationwide for years. I've been touring the country as part of the Campaign for American Children and Families Which serves to lift up the stories of families and Individuals Whose lives are being turned upside down by deportation.

Local families and youth Have Been Whose families torn apart by These policies provided moving testimony to Gutierrez and the packed crowd. As Gutierrez and OneAmerica executive director Pramila Jayapal write in a Seattle Times Editorial (PDF - Inglés / Spanish ) published the day before the rally, President Obama has the power under existing law to pass administrative Reforms That DREAM Act would allow students to stay in the country they call Their Own, to stop the expansion of "Secure Communities" and other detrimental ICE ACCESS programs, and to allow family members of U.S. Citizens who are eligible to legalize, to do so, without leaving the country.

"With love, But Also with anger, we are here to say That this president has Deported more people, every day, than the last president, " Jayapal Told the impassioned crowd. "But I does not Have to wait for immigration reform. We Know That this president can do what I needs to do right now: I can stop the Deportations of DREAM Act students right now on his own. "

Other guests included U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott and Washington State Representative Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney.

event co-sponsors

America's Voice, Asian Counseling and Referral Service, Casa Latina, Church Council of Greater Seattle, El Centro de La Raza, Lutheran Public Policy Office of Washington State, New Sanctuary Movement, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, SEIU Healthcare 775NW, SEIU Local 6, UFCW 21, Washington CAN!, and Washington State Teamsters.


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Counseling services and men-

2009-03-16 10:41:08 by --

Okay, so, we sort of touched upon how Asian American men might handle an emotional crisis.
So, what about American men?
Men whose families have been in the states for 2 or more generations?
Would a man in his late 30s to 40s go see a counselor if he and his family (parents/siblings) had discourse in the home?
Would he talk to SOMEONE??? A pastor? A friend? Whom is HE likely to talk it out with???
What has your experience been w/ your brothers or Significant others? thanks.

Well, you do have a valid point.

2004-10-03 20:42:47 by billw

Whether this thread is a practical joke or not, you have a some valid points, but I am not sure that I arrived at your conclusions by the same method.
You are right that within Si Valley there are many asian people. And you are also right that Chinese, vietnamese, and Indian people tend to form groups and protect their own people. It is true that if you are not within a protective click that you are more vulnerable in Si Valley. All of these things are very true. But these things happen everywhere in the world and must be accepted. I used to work in Si Valley as an engineer, I know.

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