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In this section, the study found ITINERA at your disposal articles whose purpose is to provide information to a wider audience about the evolution of the social and relational family.
In particular, it is our interest to make the protagonist parenting and the importance of support for the family during the pregnancy period for preventive purposes of discomfort affective-relational.

THE COUPLE IN CRISIS PREGNANCY On the need to rethink the institutional intervention
Federico Cardinali - Gabriella Guidi


This work was born from two areas of our business: the psychotherapeutic clinical area, which intervenes in situations of 'disease', and an area closer to prevention, which operates in situations of 'health', the area of so-called obstetric psychoprophylaxis. The confluence of the two sectors has led us to pay special attention to this point in the life cycle of the family for a better understanding of the dynamics in the couple's relationship and for a critical reflection on the intervention services (NHS) still strongly geared towards a model of health is understood only as 'the absence of disease (organic)'.
For the clinical area, has been particularly challenging, on the one hand, the work done with those couples who during their therapy became pregnant and then had a child: the wealth of material that they brought in sitting was clearly indicative of the depth of the changes that were happening in their inner world and the relationship of the couple on the other, cross and delight in clinical psychotherapy (especially family), the meeting, very often, to be honest, with the children-symptom-of-its -parents (children, adolescents, or even in more advanced chronological age).
The effort and cost of therapeutic intervention, as well as the uncertainty of a successful not so easy to the restoration of health, have put us in front of a question: why not think of a prevention work at least with those who are already turning to a state of 'health' and not of 'disease'? How to give a service to couples in pregnancy, so that they are able to deal with this stage of the evolutionary process with internal energies at their disposal, but that difficulty does not adequately addressed in the earlier stages, riattualizzate hour from the 'crisis pregnancy', keep locked?
The need for services (public and private) to address the problem of rethinking the intervention also arises from the peculiarities of the moment: the progress and outcome of the crisis, reflecting on the relationship with the child, becomes significant and is crucial for growth of a 'new' individual.


In practice, institutional, pregnancy is still too often considered as a purely biological phenomenon and therefore as something that concerns only the woman and her body is changed. Obstetric gynecological surgeries, ultrasound, cardiotocographs, etc.. are filling the spaces of the former family planning clinics and clinics where they are turning into a "family" - that is of service to the family - is yes and no name.
Escapes, in most cases even as the psychic apparatus is involved in determining the evolutionary process of pregnancy (as also those other events that it can be in some way attributable: Psychosomatic infertility, miscarriages, dystocia in childbirth, etc.. ). More than that it seems to us that escapes as it occurs within a couple relationship (whether official or otherwise) which is based on the meeting of two worlds interiors, two families and two stories, personal and family, with which she continues to be still in the report 1.
A broadening of perspective, which also includes the psychic apparatus and the relational context of torque, allows us to understand how the wait and the birth of a child:
a) represent a very significant stage in the life cycle of a couple,
b) that, as such, entails the need for a restructuring of the internal and external reality of each of the two partners and torque as a whole.
Winnicott had already spoken of the need to "study the matter from the purely biological mother" (17), for a deeper understanding of the relationship of this with the child.
We believe that the context of observation and study (ie intervention) when you approach the phenomenon of pregnancy should be further extended to include, besides the biological aspects, including:
a) the internal dynamics of each of the two partners,
b) the dynamics of the couple,
c) the relationship of each individual and the couple with their families of origin of both.


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