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Alma Rosa McGee, left, is the dean of the Mid-City Campus, and Corinne Layton, is one of two assistant program chairs. Layton Oversees the vocational Inglés-as-a-second-language program. Photo / City Heights Life

City Heights residents do not have far to go to get help to find a job or vocational training. Two publicly-funded institutions in the community - the San Diego Workforce Partnership and San Diego Continuing Education (an arm of the San Diego Community College District) - Provide a wide range of free programs and classes to assist the jobless and underemployed.

Organizaciones These offer everything from job boards and resume critiques to job training and vocational Inglés-as-a-second-language classes.

The San Diego Workforce Partnership Metro Career Center
3910 University Ave, Suite 300
(619) 516-2200

9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday

The Metro Career Center is one of a dozen one-stop employment resource centers funded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, a public benefit corporation established by the city and county of San Diego.

Located on the third floor of a modern office building, the Metro Career Center specializes in career counseling, job search assistance, referrals to education and job training programs, employment-related workshops, and much more. Workshops cover basics, : such as resume writing, job interview tips, job market trends, and business networking using social media.

One of the center 's most popular amenities is its computer lab. Job seekers can use the computers for up to two hours at a time. They also have access to fax machines, telephones, and copiers.

"This is my office, " said Richard Trepsas City Heights resident who has been taking advantage of the computer lab and other resources at the Career Center. I Described the atmosphere as "very friendly" and "family-like."

Besides a staff of 15, the center hosts Representatives from the California Employment Development Department acerca who answer questions and Provide unemployment insurance claims específicamente services for veterans.


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