Group and family therapy Definition

Definition of Family Therapy - What is Meaning and Concept

To get an idea raised the concept understandable need to previously define the two terms that comprise: therapy and family.

The therapy is a treatment that tries to access the essence of something. In medicine , it is associated with the methods that seek to alleviate or cure the disease . And the familiar adjective is received by all those concepts related to family , the group of persons linked by kinship.

If we combine both definitions, we can understand that family therapy is a treatment method that tries to solve conflicts or situations through a family group is for its members to express their feelings about this issue and try to reach an agreement, it being understood and closer to the reality of the rest.

There is a branch of psychotherapy that seeks to provide assistance to these families to improve their welfare and minimize conflict. Is to engage in a process of communication between a psychotherapist and his patients, for a change in attitude and behavior.

Goals of family therapy

According to the conflict to be treated, the age of the family members and the degree of hostility that the therapist perceives in patients must choose one or the other technique to approach them. Their role should always be the mediator, you should never take the place of any member, and must maintain an objective view of the conflict, in order to help and not create more complications in the relations of their patients.

If the conflict to try to focus on intimate relationships, discussing marriage therapy or couples therapy, in which case the therapist must choose a critical mark both perspectives and attitudes that have each of the people who make the couple and made possible coexistence problems causing or significantly affecting the relationship.

It is noteworthy that one of the main goals of family therapy is to convert the destructive criticism that manifest within the family into something constructive, allowing the group to reach a new stage. This type of treatment takes the family as a system with multiple interrelations between its components. If a member has a problem, its consequences affect the rest.


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Group Therapy or Self Help?

2008-08-01 20:42:19 by Searchqueen

The success rate for Group Therapy is not believable nor plausible evidenced by increasing related crime, not deminished crime (to support habit) and the horrendous impact on families and society. They say continuing to do the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
So why is Group Therapy still being promoted so rabidly? Well, the big money from grants of course and the exasperation and hidden agendas of a largely ignorant society/government.
Self Help supported by family, friends and community is another route that has not been explored nearly enough

Children Suffer from Effects of Domestic Violence Murders in Downers Grove ..  — Chicago Tribune
Our individual, family and group counseling services help children deal with the effects of trauma and the resultant sense of confusion, loss and distress.

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