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WASHINGTON May 31, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter interviewed reported Qinshan Austin, USA) in various ethnic groups in the United States, Asian, particularly Chinese, for their children's education can be described as the most important. Almost every parent wants their child to be admitted to prestigious universities. But the competition is so fierce, can finally do so are few. How can the SAT or ACT test scores obtained? How to properly fill admission thereby increasing the chances of being admitted to elite? Austin Berkeley2 Academy (B2A) is an extensive experience in these areas and there is a strong teacher tutoring school. B2A school is Emily Hong and James Seo couple founded in 2009. Ms. Hong was being studied at UC Berkeley Ph.D. in clinical psychology, while James is studying at the University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine. As Emily's parents suffered a serious car accident, they decided to return to Austin to take care of their parents. Emily is from Westwood High School in Austin and was admitted to Berkeley. She has a deep affection for Austin, so we're hoping something useful back to the community, especially to help Asian immigrant families achieve their dreams. After careful consideration, the couple opened in Northwest Austin, B2A college preparatory tutoring schools, this is not a casual sky idea, because they both undergraduate and graduate students at the school during the SAT and have a large number of professors of the high school curriculum experience, and for many children to college applicants advice. Such accumulation, offering a tutoring school can be described as a matter of course. With the improvement of the quality of teaching, the school's reputation is getting better. Today, many live in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio's students also come here during the holidays, B2A attend training courses.

B2A College currently offers courses include SAT, ACT, AP subjects exam preparation and tutoring high school curriculum, but also provides high school graduates for college admission consultation. With many in the community counseling, school counselors are ordinary college students and even high school students in different schools in the B2A many classroom teachers are graduates of Ivy League schools such as Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College. Many people have or are studying for master's and doctorate faculty fairly solid. During this summer there will be 20 subjects teachers to provide students with counseling. There will be one who served in the elite admissions department deputy head teacher to provide professional advice. This year in April B2A the teacher has organized a seminar on the college application tips. Welcome.

In Austin, many Asian families living in the south of Westlake and Bee Caves area, because here is the best school district in Austin. In order to participate B2A course, many parents and children have been forced to go back and forth. In order to reduce their hard work, Emily and James decided to set up campuses in Westlake. On May 19 at the opening ceremony, three students and their parents, or children of their own successful experience in B2A. Which, Eric Zhang participated in the summer of 2012 the school's SAT tutoring programs, October SAT exam will be awarded a perfect score of 2400. By a Yale early admission. Atharva Joshi shared his sincere gratitude to Emily and James. Previous Atharva chemistry curriculum is not ideal, he always felt that the content is difficult to understand that the exam can only get B-, James encouraged him not to give up and to work with him, the next semester chemistry exam he got an A + good results. Who lives in San Antonio's Arlene Lee Regardless short holiday or vacation have come to Austin to participate in B2A learning. She was not only early admission to the University of Chicago, and the University of Texas at Austin received a scholarship SHAPE project (which is covered by an eight-year undergraduate and medical school complex). Eventually she chose Austin SHAPE project. This year there are three students B2A successfully applied to the University of Texas at Austin SHAPE project, while the University of Texas each year to recruit only 30 students SHAPE program.


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