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Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality
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Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part I.
Gloria Montoya Echeverri. Lawyer of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, specializing in Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Medellin and magister in Litigation from the same university, MA in Law from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. She is the author of the texts Introduction to Family Law, and State Constitutional Jeopardy, and several articles have been published in journals. Teaching undergraduate college, graduate and masters.
Rocío García Pineda. Is Social Research with Specialization in Social Research and a Masters in Gender and Public Policy. Ministry of Gender Equality for Women.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part II. Angela Maria Quintero Velasquez. Social Worker and Master in Education "Guidance and Counseling" at the Faculty of Education at the University of Antioquia, Medellin and works in the Master of Family Therapy in two modules: Systemic Analysis and Response Organizations No Clinical Contexts. Questions to the speakers.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part III. Laura Fernanda Gomez Ramirez. Lawyer of the Catholic University of Colombia, Administrative Law Specialist Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Specialist in Government and Regional Development Management and Municipal Catholic University of Colombia, in charge of building the regulatory framework for Public Policy for Families of Bogotá, researcher on issues of Gender and Sexuality Law from the regulatory approach and other issues such as prostitution and social services, State Procurement expert and currently advisor to the District Department of Social Integration.
Hernando Muñoz Sánchez. Degree in educational administration, professional social work, family specialist, specialist in social research and development in cooperation magister and doctoral candidate in gender. University Professor.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part IV.
Maria Victoria Street Correa. Lawyer of the University of Medellin, with specialization in Labour Law and Industrial Relations External University of Colombia and Administrative Law at the University of Santo Tomas. Master in Administrative Law External University of Colombia. Colombian Constitutional Court Judge. Questions to the speakers.

Third Conference on Law, Gender and Sexuality. Part V. Research Report on Seed Research in Family Law-SIDeFa.
Robert Uribe Alvarez. Lawyer, Master in Criminal Law EAFIT University, Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) program "Legal Liability. Multidisciplinary Perspective ", head of university education department of the Faculty of Law of the UdeA. University professor and researcher.


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Marriage Counseling Los Angeles (310) 359-9450 | Psychologist Dr ...

OK if you're going to get a counselor

2007-09-17 23:55:35 by GloryCA

Be careful. If you don't like the first couple, try a couple of more. I RAN a counseling center for 3 years with totally licensed therapists, half of 'em with PhD's and all culturally sensitive. THEY ARE NUTS. GREAT at what they do but the world's WORST employees.
That said, I love my own therapist. It is EXCELENT to have someone to do nothing but listen to you and give great ideas for YOU and it only costs a co pay. RE: marriage counseling, we never have figured out how to do that. I mean we're TERRIBLE at marriage counseling. Love each other deeply but whatever questions and directions MC's go in just make us annoyed

Children Suffer from Effects of Domestic Violence Murders in Downers Grove ..  — Chicago Tribune
Our individual, family and group counseling services help children deal with the effects of trauma and the resultant sense of confusion, loss and distress.

Springer Publishing Company Marriage at Midlife: Counseling Strategies and Analytical Tools
Book (Springer Publishing Company)

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