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Back to school: check out tips to children resume their routine

Back to school: check out tips to children resume routine

End holiday is usually a time of concern for children. New teachers, other materials, and in some cases, different school and friends. For the first few days of the school year are well used it is necessary to return to routine gradually. According to psychologist and family therapist Miriam Barros, "anticipate the time of going to bed and waking up is essential. The process should be started four days before the start of classes. The first day is common and takes the child reluctant to fall asleep, but throughout the week the routine will return to normal. " See other tips to facilitate the resumption of school life of small.

1) School supplies
Backpack, pencil case and notebooks are new items needed for the school year, but may also be part of a stimulating process. "Involving children in the purchase of school supplies and uniform approach helps them return to school. Peruse the new books with their children helps increase interest in the topics that will be covered throughout the year, "explains Miriam Barros.

2) First day of school
According to psychologist Elisabeth Gelli, education specialist, you need to prepare the ground in advance. "The most important thing is to keep the bond of trust between the child and the school environment. Remember that it will review the teachers and friends, and learn new things, "says the psychologist. It reinforces the idea that the first step for the child likes to return to school is school choice: "When children are happy in that environment, not find problems in return." To Miriam Barros, the child needs to feel peaceful in the school environment. "Allow the child to bring a toy can help in rehabilitation, " suggests psychologist.

3) New School
For children who start the school year in a new school, it is interesting to encourage familiarization with the new space. "Take your children to visit the school in advance. So they can meet the teachers, classrooms and even the environments for the snack, sports and recreation, "says psychologist Elisabeth Gelli. Schools for children under usually offer days of adaptation, in which the father and mother are in school.

4) Independence
Leave the backpack of the children prepared seems much easier than teaching children to organize it. However, the psychologist Miriam Barros explains that independence is important for the self-esteem of children, and may even encourage them to return to school. "At 5 or 6 years, the child can leave the tidy uniform the night before. With 8 or 9 years, most children are able to prepare your own snack for recess. It is important that children feel that they are able to take care of things themselves, but not worth making a practical reason for fights and arguments, "advises psychologist Miriam Barros.


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