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Kei Yam Alliance Church in the past since the Church under the leadership of Director Xiao Ru fat pastor, been concerned with the treatment needs of people and to build Gospel rehabilitation care growth group. 2001 Shaw priest involved in anti-legalization action would then join Gamblers rehabilitation needs attention until 2002 were invited to participate in setting up a new Hope Fellowship (gambling ministry) and served as Chairman of the Board since more actively involved in ring gambling work to promote gambling gospel ministry.

In 2002, Pastor Siu Kei Yam Alliance Fellowship Church began to build Peter, originally developed by several brothers involved in drug and gambling parties, mainly to his brother. After more than a year and found that many ladies waiting families rotation, and found drug and gambling counseling ministry if there is no family support will be less effective, so by the beginning of 2003, Peter fellowship open to women and their families to participate and to invite Mrs. Xiao Zhang Yulian as a fellowship mentor. Because of family-based ministry, fellowship, the fruit of a more beautiful, the number so greatly increased.

Because fellowship in manpower demand increasing, coupled with regard to the future development of ministry gambling, so the idea to establish an independent gambling organizations in order to raise funds and expand our ministry. 2007 by Deacon Council, established in April 2007 based Yam family service centers, and hired Mrs. Shaw as Executive Director. Subsequently, three deputy head of the Fellowship trained in the second half devoted to serve individuals and gambling in the church ministry.


Gospel gambling evangelical ministry is the theme of counseling, teaching, through the help of the Church, so that personal life and growth and renewal is a necessary and ultimately successful gambling road.


Fellowship average weekly number of persons currently gathering of about 100 people, in addition to regular meetings each week, the group Yam Family Service Centre also offers support groups for women gamblers, family reconstruction teams, systematic gambling seminars, etc., and the joint New Hope Mission deed, mutual gambling center of Macau church, district or church networks to promote fellowship gambling, contact include Tsuen Wan, Sham Shui Po, Tuen Mun and Tseung Kwan O, Yuen Long, Macao and other regions, the network will be developed to Tin Shui Wai area. In addition, in 2007, it began to expand overseas network, has been invited to Taiwan, San Francisco to teach the gospel gambling training, in 2008 was invited to the United Kingdom and Australia and New Zealand, in 2009 was invited to Malaysia and South American countries.


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