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Our team Educat UNGS and family counseling Eberswalde

We advise and support parents the general or specific questions about the education of their children,

  • who feel left alone with their children's education,
  • have problems with your children and are therefore insecure or
  • no longer know what to do or who are unsure whether your child "normally" developed or
  • wondering what they can do best for it.

Parents can also use the discussion group for single parents or start a group yourself with our help topics in the field of education with us.

We advise and support young people when they have problems with their parents,for example,in connection

  • with the school,
  • with drug use,
  • with peers or
  • with domestic rights and obligations.

We advise and support especially single parents which

  • feel overwhelmed or
  • just want to check your parenting.

We advise and support parents who

  • Have relationship problems or
  • the following separation have problems with the design of working with your children.

We carry therapies for children and young people through the problems (such as anxiety,aggression or poor contact)

  • in their emotional development or
  • have in their social behavior.

We support children and young people is to process stressful life experiences,develop new perspectives and to recognize and use their own resources.

We have a wide range of joint events with preventive care centers and schools.

The employees of educational and family counseling are as experienced specialist day care centers in the northern Barnim available.
The activities of educational and family counseling is free,anonymous and confidential.

Dates (only for personal or appointment) are also short term.barnim-wappen.jpg

Opening times:
Mon-Fri9.oo-17.oo clock

16225 Eberswalde

The Team:

Ms. Blank (child and adolescent therapist)
Tel: 03334 289164

Mrs. Kohler (educator,systemic consultant)
Tel: 03334 289164

Mr. Smith (Psychologist)
Tel: 03334 289163
mail: kjhb.mueller 'de at'telta.

Mr. Thölke (graduate teacher)
Tel: 03334 289165
mail: kjhb.thoelke 'de at'telta.

Mrs. Gerke (social worker / social worker,
Graduate marriage - family u.Life coach)
Tel: 03334 289164

Fax: 03334 2779044

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Suchtberatungsstelle Bernau and Eberswalde

(Our counseling services are accessible!)

  • Information
  • Support
  • Advice

with questions and problems surrounding the issue of addiction,alcohol and drug use

The consultation is free,voluntary and anonymous.

Contact us to arrange an appointment or just come to our office hours.

You can also find us on the Internet .

Who we are there?

We advise people aged over 18 years who have family members as victims or problems or questions around the topic of addiction,alcohol and drug problems.
You can come alone,as a couple or family in the counseling center.
Abstinence is not a prerequisite for the advice.

What do we offer?

  • One-time or extended counseling and support for individuals,couples or families
  • Crisis intervention
  • If necessary,placement in detoxification and / or treatment,or other professional services and support
  • Counseling for family members
  • Group Offers
  • Information sessions and discussions for students / trainees,educational professionals and other interested groups

How we work?

We advise you free of charge,on request and without prejudice anonymous (by phone).The counseling is voluntary.
We are subject to the statutory confidentiality.

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