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Carl Rogers was born in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

1914, Rogers and the whole family abandon the town 'to move to a farm and encouraged by his father, he and his 5 brothers dedicated themselves to agriculture and farming of chickens, lambs, calves and pigs.
From here 'before his interest for scientific farming then for science in general.

As a child I show Rogers' interest in the study in fact its solitary nature led him to read and study a lot, enough to be nicknamed "Prof Mooney, " as a character in a cartoon that was in his time.

1919 he enrolled at the University 'of Wisconsin studying agrarian studies that abandonment' to devote himself to theology and religion.
Carl Rogers in fact he lived in a large family and wealthy, united, and with strict moral and religious principles, principles that somehow became part of the way of living and thinking also of Rogers: l 'have confidence in their own ability', the sense of responsibility ', respect for the other person, the way of thinking of everyone.
From this, as well as by the teachings of his catechism teacher named Humphrey, I derive 'precisely the interest of Rogers for theology and religion.

1922 moved 'in China for 6 months at a Christian international conference and had the opportunity at this time to note the differences that Western culture and Eastern Europe.
It was from this time that I start 'instead to feel the religion as "tight" compared to what he wanted to do.
He wanted to feel free to think and not to follow a doctrine default, also 'cause he knew in advance that his ideas would have evolved, and would change.

Once back in America he studied subjects in educational psychology led by William James, Goodwin Watson, Elliot Harrison and William Kilpatrik and took a year's internship at the 'Institute for Child Guidance in New York where psychology was taught according to a objective methodology, exclusively scientific and cold.
This kind of teaching is pragmatic reveal 'still important in the future when attuo' scientific demonstrations of his way to work.

"For the first eight years I was completely immersed in the exercise of a service psychological practice, I was diagnosed, pointing to the means of re-education for young offenders and retards who were sent by the courts and community centers ...;
was a period of relative professional isolation, during which my only interest was to be able to help customers.
I was forced to deal with many failures, and this' forced me to learn.
I had only one criterion for judging any method of dealing with these children and with their parents and it was: 'and' effective what do I do? ".
I realize then that I began to develop my points of view, the experience of every day. "
Carl Rogers

1924 against the wishes of his family married Helen Elliot which will have 'two sons David and Natalie and remains for 12 years in New York working at the Child Study Department of Rochester.
Starting with an approach to work (test administration, history, interviews) conducted in a rather impersonal way then change the route preference for listening and putting themselves in a position more '"humble" than that of the role of the expert in the field, so to work that will 'to also stimulated by the theories of Otto Rank.

1939 he published his first book "The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child" in Ohio and gets a chair of clinical psychology where teach 'psychotherapy following his theories.

The 1940 was the year in which his approach became known and recognized as innovative an approach according to which the goal of therapy is not 'so much to solve the problem but to help the person to grow to make sure that alone address the problems present and those that will arise in the future.
Other features that distinguish the approach of Rogers are for example the emotional aspect, which becomes of greater importance than the intellectual, the fact that the person's past is put in the background compared to the present and that is given particular importance to the report therapeutic, also seen as a growth experience.

1940 a conference at the University 'of Minnesota will make' still best known this therapeutic approach that is already 'the bases in the work of analysts neo-Freudians such as Horney, in group therapy, play therapy and in the works of Rank, Taft and Allen.

1942 "Counselling and Psychotherapy 'and' the great work written by Rogers with whom lay the foundations of the humanistic movement and for the first time are published integrals of psychotherapy sessions after being registered with the tape, novelty 'of great importance as this until then there was only based on the memories and notes of the therapist.
Now the interview becomes the object of objective investigation and port 'psychotherapy to a rich scientific studies.

1944 Rogers moved 'later in Chigago where he remained for 12 years and where I create' a Counselling Center where you did therapy and research.

Then comes "Client-Centered Therapy-", a work in which they are expanded and refined the contents of "Counselling and Psychotherapy" extending also to the development of human resources, to group therapy in the field of education, training in psychotherapy.

1957 he obtained the chair of "Psychology and Psychiatry 'University' of Wisconsin being so 'to teach in a department of psychiatry, in which the cases were certainly different from those that had treated up to that time.
From here, 'came the challenge whether his theories were revealed also effective in cases of psychosis and was born what was called the "Research of Wisconsin" with chronic schizophrenics Hospital Mendoza.
What I show you at a glance 'and' that empathy and acceptance by the therapist are useful to the improvement of the patient in the event that it is able to accept them.

1967: These results were published in the book: "The Therapeutic Relationship and Its Impact: A Study of Schizophrenia"

1964: Rogers abandons the chair Universiaria to move to California to "Western Behavioral Science Institute in La Jolla"

1969 founded the "Center for the Study of the Person" created to Rogers with some colleagues, a meeting point of rpfessionisti that all over the world follow the approach sentrato on the person.

Later he founded the Rogers' "Institute of Peace" Institute for the study and resolution of conflicts.
It will be 'a meeting point among the representatives of East and West, Catholics and Protestants in Belfast, and the whites in South Africa, government officials ...
A Rogers will be 'given the Nobel Prize for peace.

February 7, 1987: Carl Rogers dies.
Shortly before the public 'which was defined as his spiritual testament, the chapter on "Client-centered therapy" work written with his collaborator N. Raskin and published in 1989 in the collection of Wedding and Corsini.

Carl Rogers: The works


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