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90th Birthday of Hans Strotzka

One of those who have very early recognized the importance of family therapy and promote their development, was the Viennese psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hans Strotzka (Photo: ), who would have turned 90 years old today. Early on, he developed a related to their embeddedness in wider social contexts concept of psychotherapy, he, he participated in many international seminars of the World Health Organization, where he was eventually also worked as a member of the Expert Council on Psychiatry. In 1951, Strotzka the management of a psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic of the Vienna Health Insurance, he held intermittently until 1971. 1956-1958 he was the head of the psycho-hygienic working group for Hungarian refugees held, from 1959 to 1960, he served as "Mental Health Advisor" of the "United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees" in Geneva and in this capacity he took over the social psychiatric Planning Clearance of " displaced persons "after the Second World War. In 1960 he received his habilitation at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna from the habilitation also be known book was "Introduction to Social Psychiatry." From the mid-1960s led to greater social psychiatric team work, including publishing (with employees) of the book "Small Castle: A social-psychiatric field study" (1969), but also psychotherapeutic publications, substantially in the book "Psychotherapy and Social Security" (1972) have been combined. In 1969 he became a training analyst of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. The psychiatric social interests also led to his involvement in the training, continuing education and training of social workers. In 1971 he became a professor at the newly founded Department of depth psychology and psychotherapy. From 1972, he led the marriage and family counseling center of the city of Vienna, and in 1976 the Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy of the City of Vienna, the line after him Louis and today Joachim Hinsch have taken riders and last year its 30th anniversary with a conference in Vienna celebrated. In 1982, Strotzka the "umbrella organization Psychotherapeutic associations of Austria", the first summarizing all major psychotherapeutic schools in Austria and is essentially regarded as precursors of the "Austrian Association for Psychotherapy." The work of the governing body in 1990 after a decision of the Austrian Psychotherapy Act, which also regulates the position of non-medical psychotherapists successfully. The diverse interests of Strotzka were also reflected in his activities as deputy director and head of the experimental department of the Institute of audience research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and in its leading activities at the Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Medical Sociology, and finally in 1989 as Head of the Supervision Service of the Vienna community hospitals. 1987 Hans Strotzka emeritus, died on 16.6.1994 in Vienna (Source: Stumm et al. Persons Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy Springer, Vienna, New York, 2005.). systemagazin brings in systemic Library an interview conducted by Hans Ludwig Reiter Strotzka and was published in 1989 in Volume 2 of the systems.
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