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Syria, Letta: "Unacceptable use of chemical weapons." But without UN no bases

Syria, Letta:

The President of the Council Enrico Letta spoke today with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Topic of their phone call was the crisis in Syria and the eventual attack on the country of Bashar al Assad. "UK and Italy agree that the massive use of chemical weapons in Syria has passed the point of no return, " it said in a statement released after the interview from Palazzo Chigi. The Italian president reiterated Cameron's firm condemnation of the attack Italy last AUGUST 21: it was - was expressed in these terms the prime minister - an unacceptable crime that can not be tolerated by the international community.

Italy does not participate without the UN's ok - According to the Ansa news agency learned from government sources, Italy has so far not been asked to use foundations laid throughout the country with a view to military action in Syria but if this action happen outside the UN aegis, the use of the bases would be excluded. Previously Foreign Minister Emma Bonino was expressed in these terms . And just about a military attack in Syria, America did they know that President Obama has not yet taken a decision. According to the NBC network intervention in Syria could begin Thursday and last for three days. From the White House report that the president would, however, considering ways of intervention that are not limited to the use of force.


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